Protecting 8th TSC’s cyber is a yearlong team mission

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Capt. Quincy Mays
Army News Service

In October, in support of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, 8th Theater Sustainment Command’s G6 conducted several information assurance, or IA-focused activities, designed to provide leaders and users the knowledge and tools needed to create and maintain a safe and secure cyber computing environment, while simultaneously providing commanders at all levels the opportunity to assess their IA posture.

These initiatives were designed both to increase user vigilance and intensify focus on the year-round mission of securing our networks.

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility – all 1.1 million users on the Army network – at work, at home and on mobile devices.

Everyone should always practice cybersecurity. (Photo by U.S. Army)

Everyone should always practice cybersecurity. (Photo by U.S. Army)

Each week throughout the month, the 8th TSC directed an information assurance theme. For example, during the first week of the month, company commanders conducted unit assessments to gauge their unit IA preparedness, while IA professionals conducted walk-through inspections to assess workplace environments and identify good and poor IA practices.

Commanders were directed to utilize the results of these activities to shape and guide their IA programs.

Every day the Department of Defense receives approximately 8.2 million emails, and 86 percent of these are malicious and blocked. There are also an estimated 43,000 daily network intrusions that are blocked. These add up to 3 billion emails and 16 million attempted intrusions every year.

Protecting the Army against cyber attacks improves overall Army security posture and requires everyone’s diligence.

In the future, the 8th TSC G6 will continue to conduct activities aimed at maintaining the security of cyber infrastructure. The command is confident that unit level leaders and Soldiers now have the knowledge and tools necessary to assist in this effort.

8th TSC IA personnel are committed to diligently leading this program through walk-through inspections of directorates and units, publishing quarterly cybersecurity newsletters and dissemination of IA tips.

Aside from what the 8th TSC can offer, the Army promotes robust and real-world training to raise awareness of cybersecurity responsibilities and compliance. The Army has more than 100 cybersecurity classes available online for all Army users.

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