IMCOM-P extends MLK safety message

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Dr. Christine T. Altendorf, P.E.
Region Director
Installation Management Command

Pacific Region

Christine Altendorf

Christine Altendorf

FORT SHAFTER — Monday, Jan. 16, is the national holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments in the civil rights movement.

Through King’s efforts, passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were accelerated. His accomplishments must never be forgotten.

Likewise, it is important that safety never be forgotten and integrated into all aspects of our lives while enjoying this celebration. We must strive to make this holiday period a success by having no loss of life.

Remember that, during this holiday weekend, many parts of our nation are experiencing hazardous driving conditions, such as snow, ice, fog and rain. To reduce the possibility of accidents, some common sense should be applied to our defensive driving skills.

USARPAC motorcyclists wear correct PPE while particpating in the "One Team" Thunder Ride, Sept. 1. Riders completed a motorcycle safety course and passed inspection prior to the ride. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Cashmere Jefferson | U.S. Army-Pacific Public Affairs)

Motorcycle safety is always a huge concern in Hawaii. Riders must complete a motorcycle safety course and pass an inspection prior to riding their cycles. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Cashmere Jefferson | U.S. Army-Pacific Public Affairs)

Observe the speed limit and reduce speed according to road conditions, avoid drinking and driving, wear your seat belt, and take frequent rest stops while traveling long distances.

Leaders must continue their positive and aggressive measures to impress upon all Soldiers and civilians the importance of each individual’s role in accident prevention. All personnel must be informed of their responsibility to ensure their safety and that of others over this weekend observance.

As we commemorate this holiday, let’s all enjoy the weekend safely with no serious injuries or loss of life.


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