Footsteps in Faith: Deal with bad ‘reality’ fears with a renewed outlook

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Chaplain (Capt.) Shawn Lee
1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment
2nd Inf. Brigade Combat Team
25th Inf. Division
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Reality has gotten a bad rap, lately.

People seem fearful that fake news is more powerful than the factual truth.

Reality TV is often a depressing series of broken hearts and overdone drama. It’s as if “reality” only exists for people to share their fears and complaints about life.

It’s no wonder that many of us would rather augment reality with Pokemon Go or other mobile games and apps, than face our problems head on. The problem is that when “reality” is marked by our fears and complaints, these same fears and complaints begin to define our existence.

No judgment
I don’t mean to say that your complaints are illegitimate. Life is hard and it can often be painful.  I will not deny that. Indeed, if you’re going through difficulty, you should not simply pretend your problems away as if life is easy. Please share them with a trusted friend, talk with a chaplain or another trustworthy resource.
But if our only focus is on our fears and complaints, they can distract us from the blessings and privileges we have. If our vision is set on what is wrong with life, then we will never see what is going well. If we fail to see how God has blessed us, this would actually ignore the reality around us.

Scripture says this: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all of his benefits,” at Psalm 103:2.

Footsteps in FaithI’ll be the first to admit that life is not just a series of happy moments filled with saccharine-sweet goodness. But even through pain, it is easier to find hope and wait on God’s redemption when we choose to remember where he has already been faithful to us.
When we see the good with the bad, the joys with our pains, then we see the fullness of reality and not just the darkest version of it that we create for ourselves.

Take a moment
In the midst of life’s difficulties, I invite you to take a moment to count your blessings. Give thanks for the life that you have today, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Recognize those around you who love you unconditionally, and who are willing to be strong when you are weak. Celebrate each payday when you are rewarded for your hard work and efforts. Even a workday should be a blessing when we consider the privilege that we have to participate in our nation’s defense and way of life.

Do not fear what you find in fake news and instead trust the truth you can find in God’s goodness. Turn off the darkness of “reality” TV and look for the light and joy there actually is in reality. And don’t augment your reality with cell phone games, but shape a better reality by turning to loved ones who care for you.
(Editor’s note: Lee is the 1-21st battalion chaplain in 2IBCT.)  

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