Footsteps in Faith: Sometimes we all need a good word

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Courtesy of Chaplain Bill Kim


Chaplain (Maj.) Bill Kim
8th Military Police Brigade
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — There is a commonly told story of a man who came home facing bad news each day.

Upon stepping into his house after just returning from work, his wife would meet him at the door and share all the day’s troubles with him.

One day, the man decided to put a stop to this, and his wife agreed that before she would share any bad news of with him, she would at least let him to change his clothes and eat his dinner. However, the very next day, his wife met him at the door as always, and said to her very tired husband, “Hurry up, get changed, and eat your dinner! I’ve got some really bad news to share with you!”

Unfortunately, we know disappointments, discouragement and depression are a part of life, and people are so anxious and eager to share such things with each other.

It’s one of our ways to cope when life just doesn’t seem to be fair.
If we take the time to look around, we will find that the best-selling non-fiction books are often self-help books, which we hope will help to alleviate our problems.

Footsteps in FaithOne of the Apostle Paul’s first journeys as a missionary is detailed in Acts 13:13-52.

The people in Pisidian, Antioch, request words of encouragement and advice. Paul gives them that encouragement by opening up about his faith and sharing it with the people.

In the same manner, when we need of encouragement we are often surrounded by many who can offer it. It’s no wonder that psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, clergy, and others who offer words of encouragement and advice are in high demand.

Seeking advice
Though seeking a professional counseling and advice is necessary at times, we must also remember that we all have a support network around us.

Everyone knows someone that he/she can rely upon for advice and encouragement, whether it is a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor. While no individual can claim to have all the answers, each person has a unique set of skills and knowledge that comes from faith, philosophy, education or life experiences.

Offering encouragement
The beauty is that while we can seek advice and encouragement from others, we can also help others in their time of need. Every one of us has the ability to encourage someone.

We may think, “Sure, I want to encourage others, but I’m not so good with words. What can I do?” The following account of Queen Victoria perhaps says it best:
One day, she heard that the wife of one of her servants had lost her baby. Having experienced such a deep sorrow herself, she felt moved to express her sympathy. So the queen went to the grieving mother to spend some time with her.
After the queen left, the neighbors asked what the queen had said. “Nothing,” replied the grieving mother. “She simply put her hands on mine, and we silently wept together.”

Encouragement goes beyond just mere words.

Kind acts, service and generosity all provide encouragement. We all have times that we are in need of a good word. But let us not forget that we, too, have the same ability to provide that good word when others are in need.


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