Abandoned vehicles are an issue

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Abandoned vehicles are an issue on post.

Abandoned vehicles are an issue on post.

Sgt. 1st Class Miguel Espinoza
Law Enforcement Division
Directorate of Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD — March Madness is spreading throughout the island. Unfortunately, the topic here isn’t college basketball, but instead, individuals abandoning their vehicles when they leave the island that can create both a safety hazard and occupy a much-needed parking space.

This fiscal year the Directorate of Emergency Services has towed nearly 500 vehicles alone within U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii.  A recent meeting with city, county and other services revealed potentially 500-700 vehicles abandoned by service members spread throughout the island.

This month we highlight the proper process to dispose of your vehicle if you are unable to sell it, as well as the proper way to transfer the title that relinquishes you of any responsibility to the vehicle. Failing to do so could end up costing you a lot more money if the government or City and County of Honolulu is forced to dispose of your vehicle.

If you’d like to junk your vehicle for free through the City and County of Honolulu, the first step is visiting any Satellite City Hall with the vehicle’s title, registration and license plates, where you will fill out the top and bottom portion of a Vehicle Junking Affidavit (CS-L(MVR) 202), or you can visit www.honolulu.gov/rep/site/csd/onlineforms/cslmvr202.pdf. We recommend removing your plates just prior to visiting the Satellite City Hall (provided you do not drive the vehicle without plates) and meet these conditions:

•The vehicle must be parked in a legal parking on the city roadway.
•It cannot be parked on military property.
•The vehicle must be accessible to the tow vehicle without the potential of causing any property damage.
•If parked in a shared common parking area or other private property, such as a condominium, townhouse and repair shop, etc., a letter from the property owner or manager must be provided allowing the city and its contractor access onto the property and absolving the city and its contractor from liability for any damage that may occur.
•The second attachment is a copy of a form the owner should acquire from the Satellite City Hall to be placed on the vehicle driver seat, informing the Honolulu Police Department and Motor Vehicle Collision that the vehicle is in the process of being turned over to the city and requesting the officer not to cite.
•No debris or rubbish in the vehicle.
•Two inflated tires for pickup.

Another trend seen is not properly transferring your vehicle title when you sell the vehicle.  The title must be transferred regardless if the vehicle is sold, inherited, donated, gifted or paid off (released from a lien).

Visit www.honolulu.gov/cms-csd-menu/site-csd-sitearticles/6442-vehicel-ownership-transfer.html for specifics that match your situation.  We’d also like to add there is a time requirement of doing this within 10 days of changing the title over or you risk a possible fee or fine under H.R.S. § 286-52 .

Other options offered throughout the island include, but are not limited to, donation to the Clunker Program offered by the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) MWR Auto Skills Shop or to various nonprofits.  Additionally, for a $10 fee, the Auto Skills shops will take the vehicle regardless if it’s running or not. Contact the JBPHH Auto Skills Center at 808-471-9072 for further details.

Monthly Crime Trends
Domestic crimes both with and without assault are trending upwards with 13 incidents in February. Several resources include the Family Advocacy Program (808) 655-4227 or Military OneSource ((808) 438-1781) to assist in preventing these occurrences.

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