Footsteps in Faith: Worship leader charts new path for chaplain ministries

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Chaplain (Maj.) Scott Kennaugh
3rd Brigade Combat Team
25th Infantry Division
Exciting things have been happening through the chapels in our community.

New worship services have launched, new weeknight activities have sprung to life, new leaders have stepped forward, and unique opportunities for worship and growth are available.

I spoke, recently, not over coffee – the Keurig wouldn’t cooperate – with Robbie Phillips. He is a musician and the volunteer worship team leader for the Protestant services at the Main Post Chapel and Wings Worship services, and he has been involved in chapel ministry here for almost three years and in Army ministry his whole life.

I want to share some of our conversation about the upcoming Worship as One seminar and worship concert because he is charting a new direction in chapel worship.

Footsteps in FaithKennaugh: When most people think about chapel worship, it’s often either pianos and organs or a Sunday morning garage band. What makes really good worship?
Phillips: Worship’s not even about the music. Worship starts in the heart, and it’s not about a performance. Worship should build people, the congregation, together in a way that everyone comes before God in a meaningful way, as a community. The music is just a part of how we as musicians serve the service as a whole.

K: You’re leading the Worship As One event coming up on March 31 at the Main Post Chapel. Tell me about it.
P: Last year was our first event, and this is going to be a bigger event for the chapel community. The intent is to gather all military communities together for a day of training and a night of prayer and worship.

It will start with a Worship Training Seminar, and we’ve invited Armed to Worship to lead it again. They’re a ministry started by an Air Force couple to train worshipers for a life of worship, through things like seminars, musical gear and lessons and worship planning.

The chapel is providing a free fellowship dinner, and then we’ll have a free worship concert with three very different kinds of musicians and bands.

K: Is this just for chaplains and worship ministry leaders?
P: It’s for the whole community. Anybody who wants to grow in their personal worship, anybody who likes free food, everybody who loves to worship should come. We’ll also have ministry booths set up from the chapels and ministry organizations on post, so people can see what kinds of opportunities there are to get involved in the chapel family.

K: What about musicians who want to get involved?
P: We’re always happy to have musicians get involved, and that actually points to a bigger direction that I’m going in chapel worship. Worship As One is an event to highlight chapel worship and ministry that’s part of my vision for Renegade Music Ministries.

Music and worship in military chapels have a reputation as being “not good.” I grew up in Army chapels, and I’ve seen it. Renegade aims to change that.

We’re going to support the chaplains and chapel communities by providing trained, quality worship leaders in Army chapels. This will provide consistency for the worshipers and bring up the quality of worship.

Renegade is supporting three chapels here in Hawaii already, and we’re planning for a lot more growth. We want to provide great worship that honors God and honors congregations.

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