Footsteps in Faith: How a fishing net becomes a family heirloom

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Chaplain (Capt.) Jonathan E Porter
3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment
3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team
25th Infantry Division
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Thirty years ago, my father gave me a landing net for fishing and crabbing.

We used the net a few times over the years and created a few fond memories. One of my favorites was the time I used the net to capture a rabbit that had been frequenting our vegetable garden.

To catch the rabbit, I laid a trap placing the net on the opposite side of a hole in the fence that the rabbit used. I chased the rabbit from the garden, and it ran right into the net. Excited, I showed my father who promptly made me let the poor thing go.

Many moves
The net has journeyed with my family on our many moves across the United States. Usually it hangs in a garden shed or garage with other tools I try not to use.

Not long before our permanent change of station, or PCS move to Hawaii, my daughter, Evelyn, took an interest in the net. She loves to catch little creatures like tadpoles and caterpillars and wanted to up her game with a bigger net.

She asked if she could use the net to catch a groundhog or chipmunk. I told her she could use it, figuring that she would have fun, but doubting her ability to succeed.

Footsteps in FaithMy doubts were ill placed. A few weeks after giving Evelyn permission to use the net, she rushed into the house calling on the rest of the family to look at the rabbit she had captured. Still doubting, I expected to see a stuffed animal in the net. However, Evelyn and a couple of her little friends had indeed netted a rabbit and placed it in a cage!

Like myself many years ago, she was very excited on her catch. I congratulated her and promptly made her let the poor thing go.

I cannot tell you why I have kept the fishing net for so many years, but I can say my father’s $10 investment has created a great return in pleasant memories.

As we enjoy the beautiful spring weather on Oahu, I encourage you to consider how you are investing in your family and friends.


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