Civilians urged to complete survey to gauge perceptions

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U.S Army Civilian Workforce Transformation
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In early May, the window for the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, or FEVS, will open. This survey is of crucial importance – not only to the Army, but also to your command, installation and unit.

FEVS is an annual survey that measures employees’ perceptions of whether, and to what extent, conditions that characterize successful organizations are present in their agency. The survey results provide valuable insight for agency leaders into the strengths and challenges of the agency in ensuring it has an effective civilian workforce.

Your voice is heard.

Your voice is heard when you participate in the survey.

The survey is issued by the Office of Personnel Management and contains multiple choice responses. The survey itself takes only 20 minutes to complete, but provides Army leadership with a tremendous amount of insight into the culture and environment of its civilian workforce.

“I encourage every Army employee who receives notification about FEVS to take the survey,” said Sue Engelhardt, acting deputy assistant secretary of the Army for Civilian Personnel. “FEVS provides a crucial insight for the Army to share what we are doing right and what we can improve on.”

The FEVS is not just used for senior Army leaders. Results are reported to leaders at all levels down to the unit level. This is great for leaders and employees because it allows decision makers across the Army to see how their specific organization is doing, and they can influence change within their own organization.

The survey respondents will remain completely anonymous.

“Engaging employees is the biggest part of this whole survey,” said Mario Rodriguez, Information Assurance security officer. “As an employee, I appreciate it. I like knowing that people want to know what I think about my job and whether I am going to stay and whether I am happy.”

The President’s Management Agenda set a goal for all federal agencies to have 67 percent positive responses to the Employee Engagement Index. In 2016, the Army scored 64.3 percent. With everyone’s help and participation, this number will increase as we continue to focus on the importance of creating a culture of engagement across our Army.

“Army employees do great and amazing things on a daily basis,” said Engelhardt. “Army leaders want to hear from you, so we can continue to make this organization and institution even stronger.”

The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey is just one of many avenues that the Army fosters engagement with its employees.


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