Personnel must properly secure their motorcycles, bicycles 

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Christy B. Rogers
Legal Assistance Office

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Motorcycle and bicycle theft is common on the island, and crime is everywhere on the island, even on post.

You are the first line of defense in protecting your property. Locking handlebars, locking the wheels together or locking the safety mechanism on your bike provides some protection. The best protection is using a chain and lock to secure your bike to a permanent fixture.

Bike lock on bicycle

Bike lock on bicycle

Most parking lots in front of barracks provide some type of post or other immovable object to chain and lock your bike. If there isn’t one provided, consider parking in a parking stall with a light pole or other permanent fixture that can be used to secure your bike. In addition to the lock and chain, you should also consider purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage. Ask your insurance representative questions to ensure you’re covered in the event of theft or vandalism as the government has a maximum amount allowable per incident of loss on post.

If you have the unfortunate experience of having your motorcycle or bicycle stolen, start by filing an incident report with the Provost Marshal Office. For motorcycle loss or vandalism, you must first file a claim against your private insurance company. If you do not have comprehensive coverage or if your insurance company does not cover the entire loss, you may then file a claim against the government.

Gather all the information you have on the motorcycle, i.e., your bill of sale, registration paperwork, license plate information, and any other documentation proving ownership. At that point, the Schofield Barracks Claims Office is available to answer questions and provide assistance with the claims process.

According to DES, this motorcycle is parked correctly because it isn’t a specially reserved space.

Motorcycles should be secured when not in use. Also, according to the Directorate of Emergency Services, this motorcycle is parked correctly because it isn’t a specially reserved space. (File photo)

Army Regulation 27-20 and DA Pam 27-162 guidance prevent payment of an on-post theft claim when the claimant is negligent. If you did not have a lock and chain securing your motorcycle or bicycle to an immovable object, the Army will likely not pay your claim, or may only pay a portion of the amount claimed due to your negligence in not properly securing your motorcycle or bicycle.

Save yourself panic and unnecessary heartache by using a lock and chain to secure your motorcycle or bike to an immovable object and obtain comprehensive insurance coverage on your motorcycle in case theft or vandalism occurs.

(Editor’s note: Rogers is the chief of Claims.) 

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Call the Schofield Barracks Claims Office at (808) 655-9279 with any questions or if you would like further assistance.

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