TAMC 2017: Order of Military Medical Merit recognizes excellence

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HONOLULU — 1st Sgt. Zuilaika Winder, Alpha Company first sergeant, is inducted into the Order of Military Medical Merit February 15 at Tripler Army Medical Center. Winder was pivotal in preparation of the operating room as a first responder after a mass shooting at Fort Hood saving multiple lives.

William Sallette
Tripler Army Medical Center
HONOLULU — For the military medical community, there are fewer accolades higher than being inducted into The Order of Military Medical Merit, or O2M3.

The Order of Military Medical Merit is a unique, private organization, founded by the commanding general of U.S. Army Health Services Command in April 1982 that recognizes excellence and promotes fellowship and esprit de corps among Army Medical Department (AMEDD) personnel.

Membership in the Order recognizes those individuals who have clearly demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and moral character, displayed an outstanding degree of professional competence, served in the AMEDD (for a minimum of 10 years) with selflessness, and have made sustained contributions to the betterment of Army Medicine.

The O2M3 shows distinguished service that is recognized by the senior leadership of the AMEDD. Members are given a certificate and a handsome medallion that signifies to all they meet that they are members of the Order. You will see members proudly display their medallions at formal AMEDD social functions.

In the 35 years since the award was created, only 11,508 AMEDD personnel have been granted membership and more than 40 of them are current staff members at Tripler Army Medical Center.

“For seasoned AMEDD officers, warrant officers, NCOs (noncommissioned officers) and civilians, being inducted into the Order signifies more than what is written in awards and evaluations. It signifies that the individual is highly regarded by their superiors, peers and subordinates alike and that they have made a lasting contribution to the legacy of the Army Medical Department,” said retired Col. Lisa Brown, O2M3 administrator.

There is a Hawaii Chapter of O2M3 recipients, and it conducts an annual dinner where members gather to build comradery, reflect on the challenges facing the active duty force and recognize the newest recipients and present them with their medallions.

Co-chaired by Jim Ingebredtsen, the TAMC deputy provost marshal, and retired Lt. Col. Doug Miller, former chief of the Tripler Patient Administration Division, the Hawaii Chapter of O2M3 is the only organization of its kind within the AMEDD whose membership includes active duty military (from all units on Oahu), Department of the Army civilians and the local AMEDD retiree population.

“For 10 years, some of the most accomplished AMEDD folks on island have joined the annual dinner for friendship and to introduce spouses to a fun and enlightened evening of caroling and laughter,” said Ingebredtsen. “It’s a wonderful gathering of the AMEDD family. The next dinner will be Dec 5th.”

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For more details on the Order of Military Medical Merit, visit http://ameddregiment.amedd.army.mil/merit/o2m3.html.


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