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SAN ANTONIO — The June edition of PS Magazine will be its last printed issue.

Like many other magazines, PS is becoming a strictly online publication.

PS, the Army’s preventive maintenance monthly, has been providing Soldiers with the most up-do-date information on how to take care of their equipment for 66 years.

The PS magazine is going online in July. (U.S. Army photo)

The PS magazine is going online in July. (U.S. Army photo)

Each issue is crammed with information on how best to operate and maintain everything from a protective mask to a truck to a helicopter. Rarely will a Soldier not find at least one article that helps him or her do the job better to get the most out of the equipment.

The PS slogan is “Would You Stake Your Life, Right Now, on the Condition of Your Equipment?” PS helps Soldiers answer that question with a resolute “yes.”

To make it as easy as possible for Soldiers to read the magazine, PS has developed its own Mobile App.

The App, which is free and takes just seconds to download, provides not only the current issue of PS, but all issues back through 2014. The App’s search engine link helps readers quickly find all articles on a particular subject, such as the M16 rifle. And the App includes maintenance videos and Hot Topics, which provide important equipment updates.

You can also view and download issues at the PS website. It includes indexes to articles back to 1999, a search engine and a link for sending PS your maintenance questions and article suggestions. Each year PS answers more than 1,500 questions from the field about equipment problems.


• Downloading the App

Download the app at the Apple or Google Play stores:


• On the Web

Access the website at https://www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/pshome.cfm


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