Speeding is a major crime trend on post

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Capt. Bradley Taylor
Law Enforcement Division
Diretorate of Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD – For those driving on U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii installations, the rules of the road are simple, and yet, there are many who still get stopped for traffic infractions.

The month of April has seen an increase of 60 speeding infractions with a 227 percent increase in traffic accidents. Safety issues arise because of vehicles not following the posted speed limit throughout the installation.

Currently, drivers are speeding on post, which endangers the safety of motorists and pedestrians. Other distractions include talking on a cellphone – which is illegal and eating or drinking. (File photo)

The combination of speeding and aggressive driving is the main factor involved in motor vehicle accidents. Speeding drivers are often aggressive, and the combination of the two is not a good one. About a third of all fatalities on the roads are due to speeding and aggressive drivers.

In an effort to better assist drivers with speed adherence the following are speed restrictions throughout USAG-HI:

  • 15 mph in all housing areas, unless otherwise posted.
  • 15 mph in all school zones during applicable school hours, unless otherwise posted.
  • 10 mph when entering or exiting access control points (gates).
  • 10 mph in any service drive of a housing area.
  • 10 mph in any parking area, motor pool or motor park, unless otherwise posted.
  • 10 mph when passing troops in formation.

Even when adhering to the posted speed limit, distracted driving is also a contributing factor to accidents. Driver distraction occurs when the drivers focus on something other than the primary task of driving. This inattention increases the risks of driver error and accident involvement.

The use of devices that cause driver distractions impairs driving and masks or prevents recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements and the approach of vehicles or human speech. Although eating, drinking (non-alcoholic beverages), operating radios or MP3 players and global positioning equipment (GPS) while driving is not illegal, it is strongly discouraged, and whenever possible should be conducted with the motor vehicle safely parked.

• Monthly Crime Trends

Speeding was a major crime trend. The average speed over the posted speed limit for the 174 speeding infractions issued between March and April was 13 mph.

Two moving traffic offenses not resulting in automatic on-post driving suspension or a monetary fine within six months will result in the suspension of on-post driving privileges for 60 days.

Three moving traffic offenses not resulting in automatic on-post driving suspension or monetary fine within one year will result in the suspension of on-post driving privileges for six months.

(Editor’s note: Taylor is the officer in charge of the Law Enforcement Division.)


• More Online

For more details on vehicle safety, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at www.nhtsa.dot.gov.

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