Footsteps in Faith: God, why is this happening to me?

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Chaplain (Capt.) Stacie Kervin
8th Theater Sustainment Command
You ever had a bad week or a bad month and you ask yourself why does all this difficult stuff seem to happen to me?

I used to have people look at me and think that something was wrong with my walk with God because I was always having crazy circumstances happening in my life.

I used to get upset, but then after events happening to me, I just got the point where I would laugh. I realized God was testing me and teaching me a lesson, so I could learn to stop and be patient and allow God to teach me to become an elite problem solver.

Every day you have things that happen that are faith-building opportunities. The problem is most of us don’t recognize them when they are there. We fail the test because we do not even realize it is a test and that God is trying to help us grow.

When the problems come, God’s trying to test my faith.

James 1:2-3 says, “Consider it pure joy … whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”

God has a plan for you, and he’s going to help you through it. God’s purpose is greater than the pain or the problem or the difficulty you are going through right now.

Faith and life challenges
Some of you are going through tough times right now. You’re not alone. If you’re going through that kind of a time, then you should ask the Lord to help you because he is in control and you are not alone. God has a purpose, and he will give you the strength to make it through.

What is it in your life that you know God has told you to do, but you haven’t done it yet? That’s the place to put faith. Maybe it is to forgive a person you hold a grudge against.

You know what the issues that God has placed in your heart, but you hesitate to do it. I encourage you to ask God to give you the faith to do what he is placing in your heart to do.

Is God wanting you to step out and do something different, but you are afraid to leave? Maybe God’s testing your faith with finances. You can hardly make ends meet and you’re thinking, “But God! Don’t you know what I make?” And God will say, “Yeah, I know what you make. That’s not the point. The issue is your faith. I want to test your faith.”

Why is it that God touches this sensitive financial nerve in our body? Why does he do that? Because he wants to see how we’ll react. When he touches it do we get mad? Do we run away? Do we get bitter? Do we get angry? Do we get afraid? Or do we turn to him and in generosity give and say, “It all came from you in the first place.” Maybe that’s the test you’re facing right now. We’ve all faced that one.

Is there something that you’ve been expecting God to do in your life, and it just hasn’t happened yet? You’re thinking, God when? God, how long? God, why hasn’t it happened yet? God, why haven’t you answered my prayer? There’s this test of a delay.

God’s encouragement to you is don’t give up! Don’t give up. Realize that he is with you. As you and I wait on God, he not only increases our faith, but he works out his plan. So pray, Lord, help me to wait patiently, and teach me what you want me to learn in this lesson that I am going through.
(Editor’s note: Kervin is the battalion chaplain at 728th MP Bn., 8th MP Brigade, 8th TSC.)

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