Spouses club ends successful year with rewards

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Recipients of Hui ‘O Na Wahine scholarships and welfare grants gather at the home of Maj. Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, commander of the 25th Infantry Division and U.S. Army Hawaii, for a reception. (Photo by Sgt. Chris Olson, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division)

Hui ‘O Na Wahine

News Release
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The Hui ‘O Na Wahine, Schofield Barracks’ all-ranks spouses club, has served Oahu’s military community for 85 years. This year, the Hui board members displayed true meaning of selflessness and courage by bringing new life into the club, despite many obstacles.

Their focus and dedication to fundraising efforts allowed the Hui to raise more than $135,000 that was directly infused back into the military community through scholarships and welfare grants.

Scholarship and welfare grant recipients were invited to Maj. Gen. Christopher Cavoli’s residence on Generals Loop for the Hui’s annual awards ceremony, recently.

“Being able to shake hands and hug the necks of recipients felt like a full-circle moment. Our board and thrift store employees worked tirelessly to raise this money and to see nearly $50,000 invested into the education of military families makes it worth every struggle,” said Britt Flather, outgoing Hui president.

Welfare grants
Many nonprofits serving the military and military families received welfare grants. Wheeler YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts and JROTC programs from around Oahu are just a few of the organizations supported by Hui funding.

“The money received from the spouses of Schofield allows our school to provide for students in ways we otherwise would not be able to,” said Sally Omalza, principal of Solomon Elementary School. “Special recognition ceremonies and tokens of appreciation helps with building morale within both faculty and our student body. I cannot thank the Hui enough for their ongoing support.”

All spouses
Schofield Barracks is home to one of the first all-inclusive spouses clubs. All spouses, no matter gender, branch of service or service member’s rank, are invited to become members and to serve on the Hui’s board.

“It is an unfortunate reality that many spouses do not feel supported nor encouraged to take an active role within our military community. I understand this frustration,” Flather said. “As a relatively new spouse, there were many who felt I wasn’t qualified to lead this organization, but with Garrison support and a fresh set of eyes, we had a record smashing year.

“Take the step, get involved, make a difference. We ‘green’ spouses are bringing more to the table than ever before,” she added.

Hui recruitment
How can you get involved? Stop by the Hui ‘O Na Wahine Thrift Store, located on Ulrich Road, Schofield Barracks, and be sure to look for the annual Super Sign Up Hui membership event in August. You may also find information on Facebook and at www.schofieldspousesclub.com

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