Girl Scouts honor fallen ‘Enforcers’ MWDs

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Girl Scouts from Troop 066, place flags and leis at each of the 37 K-9 headstone markers May 24, at the Military Working Dog Memorial, here, in honor of Memorial Day.

Story and photos by
Staff Sgt. Taresha Hill
8th Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Girl Scout Troop 066 honored the fallen military working dogs (MWD) of the 520th MWD Detachment, “Enforcers”, 728th Military Police Battalion, 8th Military Police Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, May 24, at the kennels, here.

Girl Scout Troop 066 recognized the fallen K-9s of the 520th MWG Det., 728th MP Bn., 8th MP Bde, 8th TSC, May 24th, at the Military Working Dog Memorial, here.

Trooper, Lady, Killer, Breston, Victor and Woodie. Row after row, these are just some of the names you will find engraved on the white marbled headstones at the MWD memorial behind the kennels.

The memorial, only a few years old, is a tribute to the unit’s four-legged Soldiers who risked their lives while serving alongside their MP partners and who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“The dogs are technically considered Army equipment, but they build a bond with their handlers and they make sacrifices. It’s good to recognize that friendship and that bond the handlers and dogs make together,” said Capt. Jed Warnock, commander, 520th MWD Det.

A Girl Scout from Troop 066, places a flag at the base of one of the 37 K-9 headstone markers  at the Military Working Dog Memorial, here, in honor of Memorial Day.

Warnock said he was more than happy to support the troop and their request to recognize the MWDs in honor of Memorial Day this year.

“It’s another opportunity to build community relations and to help the girls understand and trust the police, in case they ever need them,” he added.

In addition to building community relations and honoring the fallen MWDs for Memorial Day, the community service project was also a personal project for Troop Leader Cheyenne Allan.

Allan said her family has a history of working with MWDs and that her own great grandfather used to train German Shepherds for the military.

“He would train them (K-9s) to run messages through the trenches,” said Allan, “so this is something that I’ve wanted to do since I found out about the memorial.”

She added, “We are all military and it’s nice to honor them just like we honor the fallen at the Post Cemetery.”

After placing flags and lei at the headstones of each of the fallen K-9s, the troop was then allowed to meet one of the unit’s specialized search dogs.

Military Working Dog handler, Staff Sgt. Bret Ashabranner and his K-9 partner, Specialized Search Dog (SSD) Bell, 520th MWD Detachment, greet Girl Scouts from Troop 66 at the kennels here.

SSD Bell was thrilled to meet the troop as she greeted each Girl Scout with a wagging tail and kisses.

“We really appreciate you coming out,” said Kennel Master Sgt. 1st Class Christina Billingsley, as she thanked the Girl Scouts. “It really means a lot to us that you would think of us and would do this for our dogs.”

Warnock also thanked the troop for their thoughtfulness and added, “I hope we have recruited some new K-9 handlers in about 10 or 12 years and hope that you have a new trust for our police out there working the streets and know that you can come to them if you ever need anything.”

Girl Scout Troop 066 stand with Soldiers of the 520th MWD Det., 728th MP Bn., 8th MP Bde., 8th TSC, May 24th, at the Military Working Dog Memorial after recognizing the unit’s fallen K-9s by placing flags and leis at each headstone marker in honor of Memorial Day.

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