Uniform changes impact ID badges, slacks, skirts

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New Army regulations allow Soldiers to wear two identification badges on the same uniform -- one on each pocket. (Photo by U.S. Army)

New Army regulations allow Soldiers to wear two identification badges on the same uniform — one on each pocket. (Photo by U.S. Army)

Stacy A. Ouellette
Army News Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Soldiers’ feedback on the department’s uniform policy have been heard at the highest level and results have been produced: two new updates to the Army uniform regulation.

Soldiers with multiple identification badges will be able to wear two badges, one on each side of their Army Combat Uniform, or ACU. Female Soldiers are also now allowed the option of wearing skirts or slacks as part of their dress uniform for social functions.

ID badges

“For a long time, Soldiers were only allowed to wear one badge on the Army Combat Uniform,” said Sgt. Maj. Anthony Moore of the Army’s G-1 Uniform Policy Branch. “Soldiers are now authorized to move identification badges to the opposite side of the ACU coat in order to wear two badges normally prescribed for the same side of the ACU.”

In the past, badges were authorized for either the right or left side. If Soldiers were awarded two right-side or two left-side badges, they had to choose one to place on the authorized side of their ACU uniform.

“For a lot of Soldiers, it was a source of frustration because they were proud of the achievements that they had accomplished and wanted to display both badges, but the regulation prohibited them from doing so,” Moore said. “We already allowed two badges on the Army Service Uniform, so it made sense to do it for the ACU as well.”

Specific ID badges include these: The Guard-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Badge, Military Horseman Badge, Drill Sergeant Badge, U.S. Army/USAR Recruiter Badge, Career Counselor Badge, Army National Guard Recruiter Badge, and the Instructor Badge.

Soldiers are authorized only one Recruiting Badge on their uniform at a time.

For example, if a Soldier is awarded the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Badge and the Career Counselor Badge, they may wear both by moving the Career Counselor Badge to the left side.

Placement of badges is in the order of precedence, and the lower one is moved to the opposite side of the uniform.

Dress slacks for women

The second major change is specific to female Soldiers. During the Senior Enlisted Council in March, members voted to allow women to wear either the skirt or slacks with the Army blue dress uniform at social functions.

According to Moore, there was a concern among some female Soldiers as to why they were only allowed to wear the skirts with the blue dress version of the uniform.

“As a female, we are required to have both, and being able to make the decision to wear either for that event is a great opportunity,” said Maj. Mollie Kedney, 10th Mountain Division. “Especially in places where weather comes into play, like here at Fort Drum, keeping my legs warm is something I might enjoy when it comes to going to these events. It’s a good change and I think it will be well received by the female community.”

Exceptions to Department of the Army Pamphlet 670-1, Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, were recently issued via memorandums and will serve as guidance for the two uniform changes until the revised DA Pam 670-1 is published, Moore said.

“These decisions help morale and also show that senior leaders are listening to their concerns,” Moore said.

Soldiers cannot always receive everything they want, he added, “but when there is an opportunity that doesn’t impact readiness, senior leadership is willing to do that for Soldiers.”

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  1. Barry Jentz says:

    I have been trying to find the exact words in the DA Pam 670-1 and can not find it. I have the Army Recruiter Badge and just a few days ago was awarded the Basic Instructor Badge. Where does it state this in the regulation?

    • haw says:

      Hello, Barry — I recommend you complete a search on the Internet. Look up the pamphlet, look up Army Recruiter Badge, and look up Basic Instructor Badge. HAW Staff.

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