Dental program offers advantages for retirees

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Lt. Leah Lorkovich, a dentist assigned to Naval Hospital Beaufort, Parris Island, N.C., performs a dental exam on a patient at a medical site established in Panama. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Brittney Cannady)

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Retiring from the military is a huge step, with many decisions facing Soldiers and families in their transition into civilian life.

While preparing for retirement and reviewing TRICARE benefits, don’t forget to check whether you are eligible for the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP).

Here are a few things to keep in mind about the TRDP:

•TRDP coverage isn’t automatically included in your TRICARE Standard or Prime benefits, so you’ll need to enroll in the TRDP after your retirement date.
•If you enroll within four months after your retirement date, you and your family will receive a waiver of the 12-month waiting period for major services like braces, crowns and dental implants.
•Your monthly premiums are based on your ZIP code. You’re required to submit a two-month premium prepayment when you enroll.
•After you submit the two-month premium prepayment, you’ll be responsible for paying your ongoing monthly premiums. In most cases, the government requires automatic deduction of your monthly premiums from your retirement pay. (Delta Dental works with your payment center to set up the allotment from your retirement pay, so there’s nothing you need to do to start your premium payment.) If you’re not receiving retirement pay, you’ll need to set up an alternate payment method –either electronic funds transfer (EFT) or a recurring monthly payment by credit card.
•If you get a job that offers dental benefits, you can coordinate the TRDP with your future employer’s program to reduce, or in many cases even eliminate, any copayments.
More than 1.5 million current enrollees trust their smiles to the TRDP, and here’s why:
•You get two routine cleanings (or three with diagnosed Type 1/Type 2 diabetes), two exams and an X-ray annually, with no cost share when you see a TRDP network dentist. And, these services don’t count towards your annual maximum or deductible.

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•The TRDP offers a large nationwide network of dentists, and you can save an average of 22 percent on your covered dental care and out-of-pocket cost shares by seeing a TRDP network dentist. To find a network dentist near you, use the “Find a Dentist” link at
•Network dentists accept the TRDP allowed fee for covered services, so there are no surprise costs beyond your expected cost share and applicable deductible.
•Each enrollee gets a $1,300 annual maximum, a separate $1,200 annual dental accident maximum and a $1,750 lifetime orthodontic maximum.
•The TRDP coordinates benefits with other dental plans, allowing you to maximize your coverage under both plans.

Enrolling in the TRDP is easy; there’s even a helpful video on the website that explains just how simple it is. After you watch the video, use the Quick link to the Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) site to enroll online, or download an application from the TRDP website and mail it in.

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Once you’re enrolled, be sure to register for the online Consumer Toolkit, where you’ll be able to review your benefits and coverage levels, check the status of your claims, verify your remaining maximums and deductibles, and sign up for paperless dental benefits statements.

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