500th MI executes combined MRX w/Australian partners

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Leaders and Soldiers of the 205th MI Bn., 500th MI Bde., joined together with Australian partners of 1st Intelligence Battalion (1INT) for an obstacle course competition led by C Company on Schofield Barracks June 8. The obstacle course competition was part of a two-week MRX, which helped the Soldiers to build rapport and develop a good relationship. The teams encourage each other along the way and had a strong finish. (Photo by Sgt. Shameeka R. Stanley, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs)

Story and photo by
Sgt. Shameeka R. Stanley
500th Military Intelligence Brigade-Theater Public Affairs

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Soldiers of the 205th Military Intelligence Battalion, 500th MI Brigade-Theater – along with Australian Soldiers of the 1st Intelligence Battalion (1INT), 8th Theater Sustainment Command (8th TSC), 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (593 ESC), 8th Military Police Brigade (8th MPs), and the 130th Engineer Brigade (130th Eng.) – joined together to execute a world-class, multiechelon, combined mission readiness exercise (MRX)/Perspicuous Provider 2017 (PP17), here, June 5-16.

Lt. Col. James B. Cogbill (Left), 205th MI Bn. commander, briefed Maj. Gen. Roger Noble (Right), Australian Army Deputy Commanding General-North on the things they were able to learn and accomplish during their MRX June 15 on Schofield Barracks. The training was a joint effort with Soldiers from the 205th MI Bn. and Soldiers from the Australian Army (1INT), to allow them to enhance mission readiness through multi-discipline intelligence operations in support of unified land operations. (Photo by Sgt. Shameeka R. Stanley, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs)

During the two-week MRX, the Soldiers conducted a series of simulated training and practical scenarios in which the Soldiers provided intelligence production and reach-back support to contingency operations and multidiscipline intelligence fusion, and validated the battalion’s ability to extend the intelligence network to six separate commands representing U.S Army-Pacific (USARPAC) assigned and aligned forces.

“We were able to integrate with the 205th MI Bn., our sister battalion, and gain experience on new equipment,” said Capt. Daniel J. Barkley, of the Australian Army 1INT.

“This is our second time with the unit,” he said. “This year the training was more integrated with broader activity.”

In addition to the MRX, the Soldiers were able to take a break from the classroom portion of the training and participate in an obstacle course challenge, led by C Company, 205th MI Bn., where they were able to build rapport and continued to build a strong relationship between the 205th MI Bn. and 1INT.

“I believe, through this MRX, the training audience is better prepared to support unified land operations, respond to threats, sustain and protect the force, and maximize military relationships that contribute to a stable and secure USPACOM (U.S. Pacific Command) area of responsibility,” said Maj. Jay T. Bao, 205th Bn. S3 (Operations) officer in charge.

Throughout the year, the 205th MI Bn. partners with Australian Soldiers for multiple training exercises.

“The training actually turned out better than we expected,” said Capt. Katherine M. Nelson, 205th MI Bn. assistant S3 (Operations). “It started off small and grew while we were planning it.”

Some of the Australian Soldiers mentioned that they were impressed with the training exercises. They loved the obstacle course portion of the training and are looking forward to future partnered training.

Lt. Col. James B. Cogbill, commander, 205th MI Bn., and his team of subject matter experts were able to brief Maj. Gen. Roger Noble, Australian Army deputy commanding general-North (at USARPAC) on all of the things that they were able to learn and accomplish.

“What you’re doing is exactly right,” said Noble, referring to the integration of Australians into a USARPAC readiness exercise.

He further indicated that the 205th MI Bn. MRX had set the standard for future combined exercises and encouraged continued engagement into the future.

The 205th MI Bn. and 500th MI Bde.-T plan to host the Australians once again in November 2017 for the large-scale, five-eyes intelligence exercise Vigilant Pacific to build upon the gains made during the recent MRX.

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