25th CAB’s MacArthur, a pilot, wins I Corp’s Best Warrant Officer

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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Philip MacArthur, a pilot from 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division participates in a mock promotion board as part of the I Corps Best Warrior Competition May 17, 2017. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Ethan Valetski)

Sgt. Ian Morales
25th Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs
25th Infantry Division

HONOLULU — The Army prides itself on recruiting and developing the best warfighters in the world through training and discipline.

Every year Soldiers of all ranks are presented an opportunity to display their skills and mettle as the best in their respective ranks.

That opportunity presented itself for Chief Warrant Officer 2 Philip M. MacArthur, a CH-47 Chinook pilot of 3rd Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, to compete for the title of this year’s I Corp Best Warrant Officer.

“I was told that I was on the list for possible names to compete, so I didn’t shy from the opportunity,” said MacArthur. “It was challenging and difficult, but I was in my mode and drove on.”

The Corp level competition took place at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, familiar territory for the 2nd Ranger Battalion veteran. After completing height and weight, Soldiers went straight into a ruck march, weapon qualification and then land navigation.

Photo by Pvt. Ethan Valetski
Soldiers participate in a variety of events as part of the I Corps Best Warrior Competition May 15-19, 2017. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Ethan Valetski)

MacArthur says Hawaii’s environment and the 25th ID’s 12-mile land navigation course better prepared him for the I Corp’s land navigation lane and set him up for success.

A portion of the contest was to demonstrate skills on a stress fire lane after the 12-mile ruck march. This was to give the competitors little rest and see if they could adapt to the conditions quickly and effectively.

“One thing that really helped from my previous experience was marksmanship, really anything to do with weapons,” said MacArthur. “The training and experience I got from the Rangers made it easier than for the average bear.”

At the end of three days of strenuous evaluation, MacArthur found all of his training and preparation had paid off.

“I’m very proud,” MacArthur said. “Any chance I get to represent not only myself, but my company, battalion and now division is an honor.”

MacArthur also says he encourages Soldiers and NCOs to participate in Best Warrior competitions whenever they get the chance.

“During the event, it’s really anybody’s game. You don’t know what you’re good at until you get there,” said MacArthur. “Every competition is different, but if given the opportunity, commit to it, prepare for it physically and mentally.”

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