Health clinic parking garage under construction

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A gray wall of cement extends out into the distance within the beginning stages of construction. Swinerton Builders have been excavating and constructing a new parking structure within an area neighboring McCornack Road and the U.S. Army Health Clinic, here, before and after May 24.

Story and photos by
Spc. Peter Sky
28th Public Affairs Detachment
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Family members here may have noticed that the U.S. Army Health Clinic is working to improve patient care by upgrading access to the facility.

Recently, clinic staff identified a method for improvement in the form of a parking structure.

The clinic is short by nearly 50 percent of the parking required for the amount of patients seen, so the new structure will accommodate everyone who uses the clinic.

A Deere tractor rests on the dirt, during construction of the new parking structure within an area neighboring McCornack Road and the U.S. Army Health Clinic.

“The main goal of the construction project is to provide more parking for the post in order to provide better access to health care and to the community,” said Maj. Sean Colley, project manager of the U.S. Army Health Facility Planning Agency, Office of the Surgeon General.

The plans went through multiple layers of quality control and government bidding processes that are managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is a design-bid-build project from USACE.

“The new parking garage will allow additional parking to all parts of the clinic for staff and patients to visit the U.S. Army Health Clinic, as well as the dental clinic and the Warrior Transition Unit,” Colley said. “It will also benefit Soldiers and civilians on post by allowing them to find parking more easily and quickly. Also, it decreases walking distances to and from parking and the clinic.”

According to Robb Keene, project manager at Swinerton Builders, the new parking garage will begin with a concrete precast, which will give the structure a weighted base and prevent it from falling or sinking. In the basement level, foundations and walls will be put in place and preformed concrete will form the four higher levels.

“Once the parking garage is complete, traffic congestion in the area surrounding the clinic, the post Exchange and the commissary should be decreased,” Keene said. “The users of the health clinic, the dental clinic and the Warrior Transition Unit won’t have to park within those other areas. There are also improvements being made to McCornack Road that should help traffic to flow much better in the area.”

Personnel from USACE, the Health Facility Planning Agency and Swinerton Builders came together to turn the plans for the parking garage into a reality. The estimated cost of construction is just over $26.5 million. Military construction funds are approved through the Defense Health Agency and Congress. No fee will be necessary to use the parking garage, and it will provide approximately 430 stalls.

The clinic garage is scheduled for completion by the second quarter of fiscal year 2018.


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