New commissary brand hits shelves, including Hawaii

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New product lines, including TopCare products such as first aid supplies, vitamins, over-the-counter medications and beauty care are now being offered at Commissaries, including Schofield Commissary.

Kevin L. Robinson,
DeCA public affairs specialist
FORT LEE, Va. – The era of the commissary brand has started with private label products now on stateside shelves and beginning to flow to overseas stores.

“There’s a lot of attention on the savings private label products can provide,” said Chris Burns, the Defense Commissary Agency’s executive director of business transformation. “Our patrons have seen these products in other stores, and they’ve overwhelmingly asked us to carry store brands. Well, now they can see these products at their commissary.”

Varieties of commissary brand products will differ from store to store depending on store size and location – shipping times overseas are about six weeks behind the states. Some stores overseas have started receiving commissary brands, and all are on pace to receive their initial inventory no later than the latter part of July.

Schofield Commissary participation
Schofield Store Manager Brad McMinn confirmed the stocking of the Home Base Bags and many of the Top Care items, including first aid supplies, vitamins, over-the-counter medications and beauty care.

Top Care is a store brand available at many retailers and supplied to the commissaries by Topco Associates through an agreement with SpartanNash.

Burns emphasized that DeCA’s goal is for its commissary brand products to be equal to or lower in price compared to commercial grocery store brands. “Our patrons can be confident that our products will provide the quality they expect and the savings they deserve.”

Store brand products, also known as private label, are offered by retailers under their own, in-house brand or under a brand developed by their suppliers. Retailers are able to do this by working directly with suppliers.

DeCA is partnering with SpartanNash to develop the agency’s commissary brands. SpartanNash, through its military division MDV, is the leading distributor of grocery products to military commissaries in the United States.

Over the next three to four years, patrons will see the gradual rollout of Freedom’s Choice, HomeBase and TopCare products in their commissaries as DeCA plans to increase the commissary brand inventory to about 4,000 items.

Burns said DeCA is planning with SpartanNash on the next wave of commissary brand items such as rice and dry beans, foam and plastic plates, shelf stable juices, water enhancers and powdered soft drinks, paper towels and bath tissue in the fall.

“Our commissary brands offer our patrons another chance to save money, without sacrificing quality,” Burns said.

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