August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month

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Gen. Robert B. Brown
U.S. Army-Pacific



U.S. Army Pacific Team, August 2017 marks the 8th Annual Antiterrorism Awareness Month.

As such, it is an incredibly important time for our entire team to heighten awareness, re-energize our focus and sharpen our vigilance to prevent and protect Army communities from acts of terrorism and aggression.

Terrorist organizations and violent extremists in the Indo-Asia Pacific are ever-present, unpredictable and continue to evolve in their approach and capabilities. We all must remain vigilant, no matter what community, installation or facility in which we find ourselves.

We must stand ready to meet the security challenges across the theater to ensure we are always postured to prevent, identify, alert and respond.

This mindset requires all of us to be part of a larger community solution, to include developing cooperative relationships with our national security partners or our local neighbors.

Leader engagement is essential to managing risks and maintaining safety and protection awareness throughout the season.

Be especially attentive to those who are struggling with personal issues and ensure everyone knows where to go for help at any time, regardless of location. Take care of your teammates!

I ask every member of the USARPAC team to remain vigilant. If you see something suspicious, report it!

Actively take measures to protect yourself in the cyber and social media environment as these are quite often the least understood and most accessible domains.

With your efforts, we will remain safe and Army strong. One team!

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