25th DIVARTY holds ‘Strong Bonds’ at Disney resort

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Chaplain (Maj.) Daniel Kang teaches 25th DIVARTY couples the 5 Love Languages at the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa. (Photo by 1st Lt. James Dyer, 25th Division Artillery, 25th Infantry Division)

Story and photo by
1st Lt. James Dyer
25th Division Artillery
25th Infantry Division

KAPOLEI — Thirteen couples from the 25th Division Artillery’s 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment (part  of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team) and 3rd Bn., 7th FA got together at the Disney Aulani Resort, here, to increase their sustained readiness by strengthening their marriages, Aug. 24.

The day started with 25th DIVARTY Chaplain (Maj.) Daniel Kang leading everyone through icebreaker exercises that allowed all to relax and get to know one another.

At the conclusion of the icebreaker session, Soldiers and their spouses began learning about The Five Love Languages, information that’s in the book by author Gary Chapman.

“I love to see the couples lighting up as we go over the training curriculum,” said Kang. “I can see from their facial expressions they are becoming enlightened.”

This in turn showed him “the couples will spend the time to strengthen their marriage.”

Chapman says The Five Love Languages are quality time, words of affirmation, giving and receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Kang explained each love language and offered ways of practicing them.

Practices ranged from working to say a unique, kind word every day to keeping a gift idea notebook. Spouse ideas ranged from sharing an Amazon account, so each knows what the other person puts on his or her wish list, to doing chores around the house with a spouse. That act of service, helping around the house, then doubles as quality time as the couple discusses the day’s events.

“We have done this once before, and it is good to revisit it after a while,” said Sunshine Valdez, a 2-11th FAR spouse. “It is busy at home and it is nice to have time to reconnect and get to know everyone.”

Attendees learned their own love language as well as their spouse’s. By understanding each other’s love language, they can learn what they need to feel fulfilled, which will strengthen their marriage as well as make both of them happier.

Baily Furrh, a dual military spouse from Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, said, “I really appreciated the Strong Bonds. It was very helpful talking to other couples that have been married over five years. Now I know how to portray and act on the love languages better.”

The class ended with a lunch provided by the hotel, and Kang encouraged the couples be to stay and continue to discuss what they had learned.

(Editor’s note: Dyer is the unit public affairs representative for 25th DIVARTY.)

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