USAHC-SB takes the initiative on women’s health

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1st Lt. Jason Kilgore
U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofied Barracks
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Women’s health is getting needed attention based on a partnership between the U.S. Army Health Clinic, here, Tripler Army Medical Center and the U.S. Air Force’s 15th Medical Group.

The goal is to bring these services to Schofield Barracks, too, to make it easier to access care.

The new services include mammography, “Centering Pregnancy,” and lactation consultation.

Mammography, which hasn’t been offered at USAHC-SB since July 2016, has been brought back with the addition of a new mammography technician from the U.S. Air Force’s 15th Medical Group.

“Since we lost our mammography technician, we have had to send female beneficiaries to Tripler for their mammograms,” said Col. Deydre Teyhen, commander of USAHC-SB. “We are now proud to say that we offer mammograms conveniently within our Radiology Department up here at Schofield Barracks.”

Centering Pregnancy is designed to revolutionize the care and education of pregnant women.

“Centering Pregnancy allows women within similar delivery dates to build a network that can support each other while receiving extraordinary care from our providers,” Teyhen stated.

How it works
The program is open to both military and dependent females who have routine, low-risk pregnancies. Each session lasts two hours with the health care provider guiding the session.

We would like women to enroll in the program as early as possible. Most women enroll prior to 24 weeks.

Although the Centering Pregnancy sessions help build a group of cohesive women that will all deliver around the same time, each patient still maintains private time with their provider up to the birth.

“Patients overwhelmingly express they are glad they opted for centering, saying that this model is more personal than traditional care,” said Christine Host, a registered nurse and Centering Pregnancy coordinator.

“When you are on an island, with family far away, developing a support network is important,” Host added. “We are finding these ladies stay in touch and support each other even after delivery of their newborn babies.”

The third service that is being brought to USHAC-SB is lactation consultation. The breastfeeding educational classes occur every third Monday of the month in building ZZ from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Patients can make an appointment by calling the central appointment line, or by walking into the new Women’s Health Clinic (building G on the first floor) and talking with the receptionist.

Point of Contact
To book a mammography appointment at Schofield Barracks, call (808) 433-8355.

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