Greatness involves taking many ‘Footsteps in Faith’

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Footsteps in Faith


Abby Hall
Contributing Writer
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — I have always admired people of great faith.

Everyone has heard amazing, awe-inspiring stories about great missionaries, or heroes, who stood out because of their determination to act in faith.

These stories often leave us with a sort of conflicted feeling. We may feel admiration and a desire to be like them, while also feeling suddenly mindful of our own tiny faith.

How could we ever manage to foster a faith like that?

Seeking inspiration
When hard times come, whether it’s the stress of bills, jobs or family challenges, we often feel ourselves coming up short. When it is hard for us to display great faith in these situations, how will we ever manage to have great faith in larger situations like those who inspire us?

A few years ago, I learned an invaluable lesson of faith. I sometimes have to remind myself about it, so I will never let this lesson go.

My husband and I were expecting our first children. We were going to have twins! However, we were devastated when the news came that the pregnancy would not last and that we had already lost our precious little ones.

While everyone around us prayed for a miracle, I was faced with the realization that the greatest act of faith I could possibly exhibit was the determination not to let my faith waver. For me, it wasn’t necessarily a miracle that would grow my faith in that moment, but rather the decision to stand on what I believed.

For some reason, faith often strikes the majority of us as an elusive phenomenon we feel inside of ourselves. The notion seems rather like a warm overwhelming sensation that will burst from within at just the right time. In that crucial moment, we will somehow muster that great heroic feeling to have faith.

The oddity about it all is that, in truth, true faith is far less glamorous. Looking over the pattern in my own life, I can attest that the times when I see the footsteps I took in faith, I do not see some amazing blockbuster moment where I felt that wonderful sensation.

The greatest moments in my faith are the moments that felt nearly empty. It is the heart-wrenching moments when things are falling apart and our emotions are far from on our side. Life feels like it might close in at any moment in these times.

Faith appears on the scene when we take hold of our situation with determination. It is the conscious decision to stand in our faith and on all that we know and believe to be true, despite the emotions we feel in that moment. It doesn’t feel glamorous. It often doesn’t even feel good at first. It is not always void of doubt. It is the decision to side with hope instead of with the doubt we may feel.

The most vivid displays of our own footsteps in faith will probably surprise us. Look over your own life and question how you got through the toughest moments. You might find your faith was stronger than you realized. The inspiring part of it is that just because we may not feel like our faith is strong enough to take on the challenging moments, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

Faith is not an emotion, and it is not dependent on our emotions. It is dependent on our resolve to make a conscious decision to stand firm in what we believe. Take comfort in that, and be bold enough to take some footsteps in faith this week.

(Editor’s note: Abby Hall is a member of the Main Post Chapel Protestant congregation.)


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