Top 10 holiday travel OPSEC tips

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Information Operations
25th Infantry Division

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Operational security must be practiced at all times, especially when you’re travelling. Review these tips before you head off to vacation.

1- Refrain from using military duffel bags or bags with government patches or logos.

2- Don’t use rank or title to reserve airline tickets or hotel rooms.

3- Keep a low profile with regard to both attire and demeanor.

4- Be cautious about giving out information regarding family travel plans to those who don’t have a “need to know.”

5- Turn off geo-locate services on your Internet-connected devices and avoid “checking in” at restaurants and hotels.

6- Hold off on posting photos and updates from your trip to social media until after your trip is complete.

7- Leave your home with a “lived in” look. Consider using timers for lights and television. Have a neighbor park a vehicle in your driveway and move it on a regular basis so the house appears occupied.

8- Put delivery holds on newspapers and mail. As a backup, have a trusted neighbor check for any unanticipated holiday deliveries.

9- Don’t hide a key. Experienced criminals know how to spot the fake rocks, magnetic key holders, and even fake dog poop used to hide the keys to your home.

10- Avoid leaving the garbage can by the road during your absence. Leave the garbage can in its normal location during your trip, or have a trusted neighbor put out the trash and return the can after collection.

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