94th AAMDC integral to defense of Pacific Region

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Two Soldier with 1st Regiment 1st Battalion Air Defense Artillery, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command mount an antenna onto a signal tower for a “Patriot” missile system during a patriot certification training exercise on Kadena Air Base in Japan, Oct. 17, 2017. (U.S. Army Photo by Capt. Adan Cazarez)

Sgt.1st Class Claudio R. Tejada
94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command
Public Affairs

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM —The 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, known as the Sea Dragons, had an exciting and busy year.

The units’ mission is to provide joint and combined theater air and missile defense to meet operation plan requirements and support the rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region.

The 94th AAMDC is integral to joint and combined air and missile defense in the Pacific theater of operations.

2017 was a productive year for the command.

North Korea continued to prove itself to be one of the greatest security threats in the region by testing nuclear weapons and launching ballistic missiles, including the first successful launch from a submarine.

In response to these provocations, the 94th AAMDC developed and executed an accelerated deployment of the THAAD system to the Republic of Korea, which became operational in May 2017. The operation spearheaded the command’s efforts to update the Area Air Defense Plan for the Korean theater of operations.

Throughout the year, the Soldiers from the 94th AAMDC continued to strengthen Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) capabilities throughout the Pacific region by participating in multiple bilateral, trilateral and joint training exercises including, Keen Edge, Key Resolve, Pacific Sentry/Talisman Saber, Virtual Flag and Ulchi Freedom Guardian.

During the Key Resolve exercise that took place in the Republic of Korea in March, Soldiers from the 94th AAMDC headquarters deployed there, and the unit’s commanding general, Brig. Gen. Sean A. Gainey, served as the Deputy Area Air Defense Commander (DAADC).

As the DAADC, Gen. Gainey is the primary adviser for the Pacific Air Force (PACAF) and the 7th Air Force in support of the Area Air Defense Plan and facilitates coordination, communication and operations with all IAMD within the Pacific Region. The exercise allowed the command to work closely with their Korean partners, refining their tactics, techniques and procedures.

In May, the command sent all but one of its Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Operations (ADAFCO) teams, as well as members of its Attack Operations (ATKOPS) cell, to Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. There, the Sea Dragons participated in the exercise Virtual Flag.
Virtual Flag is a real-time tactical-to-operational-level exercise that uses air, land, space, cyber and maritime scenarios to integrate live, virtual and constructive simulations to train warfighters in robust combat scenarios.

The Soldiers operated out of the Distributed Mission Operations Center (DMOC), certifying the ADAFCO teams while the ATKOPS cell participated in dynamic targeting training for the Air and Space Operations Center (AOC).

During the annual training exercise Talisman Saber in June, the 94th AAMDC Soldiers manned a battle desk with 20 personnel from all of the battle staff directories on the floor at the 613th AOC.

The Soldiers manned their battle stations 24 hours a day while also having one Soldier forward in Australia acting as liaison officer to the Task Force commander. During the exercise, the unit hardened relations with maritime component, air component and land component commanders and their Australian counterparts during the exercise Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense working groups.

In August, Soldiers and leaders from the 94th AAMDC strengthened the relationship between the United States and Republic of Korea allies by participating in the Combined Forces Command exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian.

The team supported U.S. Forces Korea with over 40 personnel, to include support from the 263rd AAMDC from South Carolina. They provided DAADC support for the exercise and were able to implement operational plans and validate current meaning structure and command control.

The Sea Dragons ended the year by holding their Leader’s Summit and hosting the unit’s annual Saint Barbara’s Day Ball, which featured retired Maj. Gen. Roger F. Matthews, former 94th AAMDC commander and USARPAC deputy commanding general, as the guest speaker.

The Soldiers of the 94th AAMDC here and at its forward stationed missile defense units continue to participate in regional and theater-level exercises building partnership capacity with allies and partners remaining the “First Line of Defense” against an ever-increasing ballistic missile threat in the region.

The Sea Dragons are proud to be part of the premier Army Air and Missile Defense Command capable of executing their combat mission at any time.

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