Christmas a symbol of hope, love

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Abby Hall
Contributing Writer

I’ve been a Peanuts fan from as far back as I can remember.

The good-humored, comic strip and video specials were always a favorite in my family. They particularly stood out to me personally. My all-time favorite is, of course, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

For anyone who has ever seen the film, you know that the climax of the show is when Charlie cries out in frustration for someone to please tell him the meaning of Christmas. His ever-faithful friend, Linus, steps up to the task and begins to quote the Christmas story from the Bible, found in the gospel of Luke.

I’ve seen the film countless times, and read the passage in Luke even more, and yet, hearing the message from Luke always causes me to be silent and reflect. It is something that stops me in my tracks and fills me with overwhelming emotion.

Why is it so powerful to me? The reasons are too many to name in a short time, but to state it simply and briefly, it is because heaven met earth that night. A child changed the course of history for all of mankind.

Every year, I am aware that many aspects of celebrating Christmas are more about fun and tradition than anything else. This certainly doesn’t stop me from taking part in them, and it doesn’t negate their meaningfulness.

Many of them help us to find enjoyment and community with our family and friends. Still, they are really just the extras of Christmas, like the decorations on the tree, or the sprinkles on the cookies.

The core of Christmas, for many of us, is celebrating something much more significant. We know that the actual day of the birth of Jesus was likely in the summer, and we know that he was likely around 2 years old when the magi finally found him. And yet, we wrap all of these pieces together in a neat little December package. When we celebrate is not the critical point, but rather what we celebrate.

In my mind, it makes sense to do it this way, because December is a month of celebration and joy for so many people. According to the lyrics of the old song, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” So, why not choose this time when the whole world celebrates for various reasons, to celebrate our faith? Or rather, the very reason for our faith!

The birth of Jesus is significant to the world because of the hope that came with him. How we package the story is less of an issue than whether or not we recognize and appreciate the story for all that it is.

My favorite Christmas song is “O’ Holy Night,” and my favorite line of the song is “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, till he appear’d and the soul felt its worth.” What an impactful line. This is the reason for our celebration of faith in regards to the birth of the Christ.

The world was ever the same. The song implies that the worth of man was recognized when the love of God sent the Christ to us. His birth testified of a loving God who wants to give hope to every one of us.
May that thought make your Christmas especially celebratory and bright. Merry Christmas!


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