599th Trans. Bde. uploads 2IBCT for Pathways

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25th Infantry Division Soldiers ready a Black Hawk helicopter for upload onto the vessel destined for Pacific Pathways exercises on Jan. 21. (Photo by Donna Klapakis, 599th Transportation Brigade Public Affairs)

Story and photo by
Donna Klapakis
599th Transportation Brigade Public Affairs

PEARL HARBOR — The 599th Transportation Brigade and partners uploaded 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division cargo and equipment, here, Jan. 21, which is destined for Pacific Pathways exercises.

The ship came into port at 7 a.m. and loading began before 8 a.m.

“Because of the government shutdown, the commander over here at Fleet Logistics Center called for ‘all hands on deck’ among military members, to ensure we could meet our obligation to the infantry,” said Dan Croft, FLC-Pearl Harbor terminals manager.

Although many of the active duty and shipyard personnel working the upload were not accustomed to the work, the move went smoothly because of the configuration of the ship.

“This is a great ship to load,” Croft said. “It is new, and we can drive straight up into all three decks.”

By the 11:30 a.m. lunch break, more than 75 percent of the cargo was already on board. Only the helicopters remained.

“When we thought the original ship was coming in, we had planned for Jan. 13-15 for the upload because it is lift-on, lift-off. Then, when we heard we had a roll-on roll-off, we allowed 24 hours for the upload. But once we saw the configuration of this vessel, we called in the whole crew and worked it one shift,” said 599th marine cargo specialist Davey Flores.

25th Infantry Division Soldiers drive vehicles destined for Pacific Pathways exercises onto the vessel on Jan. 21. (Photo by Donna Klapakis, 599th Transportation Brigade Public Affairs)

“We planned for a 24-hour operation, but we should finish a lot earlier,” said Maj. Christopher Busse, 836th Trans. Battalion executive officer. “The support has been great from SDDC ((Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command) and Pearl Harbor.”

“The teamwork between the movement control team, FLC, the vessel agent, ship’s crew, 599th, 2nd IBCT, and 25th CAB (Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th ID) has also been outstanding,” he added.

The current vessel was leased as a one-time-only contract after the original ship, which had been originally contracted for the move, broke down on its trip from Tacoma. Once it turned back, SDDC asked for the quickest available vessel in order to fulfill its obligation to deliver the infantry brigade’s equipment on time.

“We sent out a call through our higher headquarters for a ship to come and meet Pacific Pathways deadlines,” said Carlos Tibbetts, 599th terminal operations chief. “Central Gulf Lines was able to find a vessel already here in Hawaii and subcontract it for the special shipment.

“CGL has a working relationship with the company that owns the ship,” he added. “Francis Nazareth, the CGL rep, was our interface for the move. He created the stow plan and also facilitated the move at the port.”

The final piece was uploaded at 4:30 p.m., and the vessel departed at 6 p.m.

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