Traffic safety begins w/attention while driving

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Post and tweet with care. (Courtesy photo)

Post and tweet with care. (Courtesy photo)

Sgt. 1st Class Raquel Orozco
Operations Noncommissioned Officer
Law Enforcement Division
Directorate of Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD — A little care can make traffic accidents rare!

As some of you may have noticed, some traffic poles and signs have been damaged and removed from some of the major roads on our installations.

This removal has been due to an increase in traffic accidents between motorists, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The majority of traffic accidents have been caused by inattentive road use and lack of courtesy on the roads.

Traffic accidents can be fatal, cause emotional distress, cost money and disrupt daily family, Soldiers and community operations. So what can we do to help prevent accidents?

There are several actions we can take whether, we are motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, beginning with promoting road safety by sharing the road with all other users.

Most times, traffic accidents are preventable with some situational awareness and safety road practices, such as these:
• Follow posted speed limits.
• Decrease speeds when passing troops and construction zones.
• Do not drive, ride or run distracted.
• Clear intersections and crosswalks in all directions.
• Identify potential road hazards.
• Know your stopping distance for vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.
• Do not attempt to beat the red traffic light.
• Do not drive or ride bicycles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Run only on authorized run routes.
• Communicate with other road users (verbally, eye contact, hand signals).

Let us remember that operating a vehicle on U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii installations is a privilege, and safety is everyone’s responsibility, whether a motorist or pedestrian.

Motorists and cyclists must obey the same traffic rules. It is imperative that every single one of us practice safe actions in order for everyone on our installations to arrive to where they are going.

Take small steps, such as leaving a few minutes early, so you do not rush to where you are going. Wear reflective gear when using motorcycles and bicycles, even use flashlights when getting some good unit cohesion runs.

I encourage everyone to assess their road behavior and habits and continue to share the road with patience and courtesy.
Think of the impact you can make!

More Details
For further information on traffic safety, look into the policies:
• USAG-HI-1, Installations Physical Training Running Routes and Pedestrian’s Rights and Duties.
• USARHAW Regulation 190-5, U.S. Army Hawaii Traffic Code.
• USARHAW Policy Letter #6, Motorcycle Safety.


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