Footsteps in Faith: Beware the bareness of busyness

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Chaplain (Maj.) Jared Vineyard,
Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion
25th Infantry Division chaplain
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — “Hey sir, are you busy?” How many times have we heard this (or something like this) throughout the day? More importantly, how many times have we thought this: Wow, am I busy’?

While being busy is not necessarily a bad thing, I think that most of us agree that it absolutely can be. So how do you know if you are too busy? How do you know that you simply have more than you can handle?

Recently, I was reminded of a quote that I had read awhile back:

“… when we stop caring about the things we care about, that’s a signal we’re too busy. We have let ourselves be consumed by the things that feed the ego but starve the soul. Busyness kills the heart.” (Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God)


Feeding the ego and starving the soul? I don’t know about you, but that sounds terrible. Yet I think that is oftentimes life in today’s Army, life in today’s world: a full plate and a hungry soul, a whole lot of doing and too little being.

So what do we do? What is one to do in a world that doesn’t seem to slow down? Let me offer three suggestions:

  • Footsteps in Faith

    Footsteps in Faith

    Prioritize ­– The world may not slow down, but we need to from time to time. And when do, we need to think about who or what is most important to us and why. Once we have these priorities, we need to…

  • Declutter ­– Centuries ago, a German writer (Goethe) once said, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Decluttering is is physically getting rid of stuff that we do not need as well as emotionally getting rid of baggage that holds us down. It is taking events off the calendar that do not match our priorities. Once we begin to declutter our brains and schedules, we then need to….
  • Refocus – We need to refocus and reinvest in the people or priorities which are most important. This might be dating my spouse again, going on “daddy-daughter dates” or “father-son adventures.” It may be spending time praying more and worrying less, helping others or taking time to do self-care.

When we realize what is important through prioritizing and begin to declutter the unnecessary while refocusing on what matters, we can begin to build that necessary resilience of mind and spirit. We are always going to be busy, the question is… busy doing what?

I want to challenge you to make the most of the time that you have, not for building the ego but feeding the soul.


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