Good Nutrition begins with a plan

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Marlyne Perez and Capt. Kay E. Kerstens pose near the “Move 2 Health” model on Schofield Barracks, March 13. Nutrition is a part of the holistic approach to health that is addressed in the Move 2 Health model.
(Photos by Ramee Opperude, U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks)

Marlyne Perez
U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — March is an exciting month for your Nutrition Team, here, because it’s National Nutrition Month (NNM).

There couldn’t be a better occasion for us to share the good news about quality nutrition because this is a time when the people in our great community are really beginning to take charge of their health. They inspire us.

The theme of NNM this year is “Go Further with Food,” a message about planning and prepping, which leads to savings.

So what does this even mean?
Perfect question. One of the biggest reasons why it’s difficult for many people to eat healthy is that they don’t have a plan. Just like with missions in the field, projects at work, starting a business or a day’s routine with the kids, all could fall apart without a solid plan.

Thankfully, meal planning doesn’t need to be as complex as the aforementioned situations. With a little time invested, you can save yourself quite a bit of time, money, stress and calories.

Capt. Kay E. Kerstens, dietitian, Nutrition Outpatient Clinic, briefs at the Move 2 Health training during National Nutrition Month on March 13.

So where do I begin?
We’re happy you asked. The amazing part about all of this is that there are so many resources. Begin by getting savvy with online recipe resources like “MyRecipes, EatingWell” and “CookingLight.”

There are several smartphone apps that can generate your meal plan for the week, and most include grocery lists, such as “Mealtime,” “Yummly” or “FoodPrint.” Of course, you can also utilize your Schofield Barracks Nutrition Team who are here to help guide you.

Got it! What’s next?
Next, start prepping. Cut veggies and store them in the fridge to be readily available for recipes. Have meat thawed and ready to go. Put all the ingredients for each meal together in one spot to make them quicker to grab and start cooking when you’re ready.

You could even plan to utilize a slow cooker or Instapot pressure cooker, aka, “all in one” pots, where all the ingredients can be added at once, like in a healthy turkey chili, for instance. It’s also handy to cook up bigger portions of recipes that can be packed for the following day’s breakfast, lunch or dinner meal.

Prepping meals in advance may seem like a mighty task, but can actually save you time, money, stress and calories, as mentioned before. You’ll know exactly what’s for dinner after a long day, which can lessen the urge to hit a drive thru for the sake of convenience.

Marlyne Perez uses a mobile application to scan a nutrition bar. Attendees at the Move 2 Health course on Tuesday received a brief on best nutrition practices and information about National Nutrition Month.

Will doing this really make a difference?
Let’s put it this way: Just one cheeseburger meal alone at McDonald’s is about 900 calories. And that’s with a diet, not even a regular, Coke. For most people, that’s about half of their total daily calorie intake – in just one meal.

If it takes 3,500 calories to make 1 pound of body weight, you can see how calories in fast food add up quickly. And the piece of lettuce and tomato on that burger doesn’t really count for a serving of veggies. Nice try.

Now that you’re motivated to get started on rewarding your body with quality food, we’ll let you get to it. But before you go, we’d like to sum it up with this message: In life, there are opportunities to lead and moments to be led. When it comes to your health, you can be empowered by both.

Lead by taking control of your health. Begin by planning for your goal, while staying flexible and allowing the right guidance to influence you on your path.

Take-away plan
Remember this: Just as it is with every other mission in life, the plan doesn’t always lead to perfection. But don’t let the risk halt your will and determination. Be bigger than excuses, which are designed to try and block you. You are stronger.

Plan, take action, stumble back a bit, get up and push forward again. But PLAN.

Failure isn’t a bad thing; it’s necessary in forming who you are and in pushing you to where you want to be. With this in mind, plan to fail BIGGER and go further – in this case, with your quality of (food) life.

Registered Dieticians
For more information and inspiration, plan a visit to your Schofield Barracks registered dietitians. Go to any front desk at the clinic to inquire, or call (808) 433-2778.

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