Do you believe people can change or not?

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Chaplain (Maj.) Daniel Kang
25th Division Artillery
25th Infantry Division

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — According to a medical study, there is a high correlation between your beliefs and healing.

Chaplain (Maj.) Daniel Kang

Chaplain (Maj.) Daniel Kang

A medical treatment called “the placebo treatment/effect” has been working very effectively. A fake treatment or medication is helping patients effectively heal from their illnesses because they believe that the treatment will work.

Ted Kaptchuk, a professor at Harvard Medical School, says, “The placebo effect is more than positive thinking. (It’s) believing a treatment or procedure will work. It’s about creating a stronger connection between the brain and body and how they work together.”

What do you believe would make it difference?

People can be discouraged by others’ comments, and even if not by others, they can be discouraged by their own conscience and expectations of themselves. Their internal voice says, I want to change and improve, but it seems like I cannot do it. My head talks and reasons with me that I can do it, but deep down in my heart, I don’t have faith in me. I don’t believe that I can do it.

Our Lack of faith in ourselves brings us down because of failures that we may have experienced in the past. But we can overcome this lack of faith by practicing faith in God and ourselves.

If you believe that people can change, you have more of a chance to be changed. If you believe that people don’t change, you have less chance of changing yourself.

Think about the last time you were changed because of what you heard from another person, training, a seminar or even just a simple conversation with someone. What about something you have read?

When we have the experience of change in our lives, we believe that we can change, and we also believe that people around us can change, too.

Those people who do great things and overcome challenges are the people who still believe in themselves. They are the ones who, through faith and hope, can visualize and believe in things they cannot yet see in the future.

People don’t just change their belief in themselves overnight. It is a process. Faith in yourself and faith in God sometimes does not happen overnight.

Today could be the starting point for us to change. Whether we believe in ourselves that we can do great things, or we believe in God that he can do great things for us. We could begin somewhere to start believing in ourselves and God if we want to change, improve and develop – or however we might want to describe it.

Another name for believing in ourselves is self-confidence. Self-confidence can be built surely and slowly by practice every day. The author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to reach a mastery/expert level of skill in what we do.

Let’s begin to practice believing ourself and in God. What do you believe would make the difference?

Believing/faith is like a muscle. The more we use our muscles, the stronger they get. Use faith and believing more in life, and it will get stronger and we will be stronger in spiritually and emotionally.

Tap your shoulder today and say to yourself, “You can do it.” Encourage your spouse, children, friends and co-workers today by telling them, “You can do it.”


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