MPs see increase in thefts on installations

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Every individual is a sensor

Sgt. 1st Class Raquel Orozco
Law Enforcement Division
Directorate of Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii Operations NCO

Take extra precautions about making holiday shopping gifts an enticing lure for car thieves.

Take extra precautions so that shopping gifts, purses and valuables are not an enticing lure for car thieves.

None of us want to spend our hard earned money purchasing items we already had at one point. However, it appears that lately there have been several property break-ins forcing some installation community members to repurchase either privately owned property or government property.

Many of these instances have involved the theft of personal property that was left unsecured and unattended or left in unlocked motor vehicles.

Within the last 90 days, there has been a noticeable increase of thefts of both personal property and government property. Physical security measures are being reassessed, and both increased police patrolling and surveillance of target areas is being conducted around the clock.

Our communities, however, need your assistance as community sensors. How do we do that? Anyone and everyone can be a sensor by the following:

  • Increase situational awareness in respective community areas,
  • Take note on any unknown or unfamiliar personnel,
  • Observe and report any changes in daily patterns of life,
  • Ensure all personal and government equipment is secured and checked-on continuously,
  • Maintain accountability of personal and government property,
  • Comply with installation access control measures, and
  • Report any perimeter fence damage, so it can be properly repaired.
In this photo, a teenager simulates shoplifting a candy bar at the Main Exchange, Schofield Barracks. Shoplifting hurts not only the Exchange, but its patrons also. (Aiko Brum | U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Public Affairs)

In this photo, a teenager simulates shoplifting a candy bar at the Main Exchange, Schofield Barracks. Shoplifting hurts not only the Exchange, but also its patrons. (Aiko Brum, U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii Public Affairs)

Some potential charges for those persons who would choose to unlawfully enter property or pilfer personal or government property follow:

  • Article 121, Larceny/Wrongful Appropriation of Government Property.
  • Article 121, Larceny/Wrongful Appropriation of Private Property.
  • Article 129, Burglary.
  • Article 134, Unlawful Entry.
  • Civilians or family members can be charged and prosecuted through applicable State and Federal statutes.

These are not all-inclusive as there can be other actions, such as being barred from installation or apprehension by military police or civilian authorities. In order to allow our families to enjoy our communities and our Soldiers to have the equipment they need in order to conduct daily military operations, it is imperative that every single individual on this installation takes a proactive approach to protecting our housing and employment community areas.

I encourage everyone to bring attention to any and all suspicious activities in order to prevent further incidents. Suspicious activity can be reported to the corresponding Military Police Station or by calling 911. 

• Police Stations
Fort Shafter, 438-7114
Schofield Barracks, 655-7114

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