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All personnel of age should vote and make a difference in America.

All personnel of age should vote and make a difference in America.

Angelita D. Dizon
Installation Voting Assistance Officer
Directorate of Human Resources
U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii

SCHOOLED BARRACKS — Voting is our right, it is our responsibility.

Often, we complain about new policies and initiatives in our communities, and sometimes, we wonder why one community appears more favored than others.

Taxpayers debate issues relating to immigration, the environment, health care, education, taxes and school policies.

Where do you stand? Will your opinion matter?

Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts

Yes, it does. All our opinions matter, each and every vote counts, and if we register and vote, we can all make a difference.

As Americans, we are lucky to live in this great democratic nation. We’ve been given a privilege that is not afforded to other people of the world. We can participate in the way we would like our country to be shaped, not just for us but for our children, our future.

The Army has trained voting assistance personnel in every unit to assistance for military, family members and civilians with registration, absentee ballots and online processing. Resources are even available for Soldiers assigned to combat zones, so they are able to vote.

If you are new in the U.S. Army in Hawaii and have not registered or updated your information with your state, it is recommended you complete an SF 76, Federal Post Card Application Form (FPCA) and mail it to the Local County Election Office (LEO)  of your state to be registered and receive your absentee ballot.

If you are separating from the Army and heading back to your Home of Residence, complete a Voter Registration Application and mail/email it to your Home Residence (LEO).

These forms are available through your Installation Voting Assistance Office (IVAO) or through your Unit Voting Officers. For assistance, visit the Installation Voting Assistance Office at Bldg. 750, Room 213, Soldiers Support Center.

Hours of operation are Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please call 808-655-5546Visit for more information.

Remember, voting it is our right and responsibility. Let us vote America! 

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