Military can save 15 percent with a new Military Star card, May 18-31

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Discounts provided at the Exchange and Commissary

Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Public Affairs

DALLAS — For a limited time, service members and their families can save 15 percent on all purchases the first day they use their MILITARY STAR card in-store or online at exchange facilities, and at the commissary.

An Army Military Star Card

An Army Military Star Card

From May 18 through 31, shoppers will receive the extra savings on first-day purchases at any Army & Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp or Coast Guard exchange facility; online at, and; or the commissary, and receive a 15 percent discount instead of the 10 percent discount that is regularly offered.

“Customers who shop with MILITARY STAR know that it offers the most value to exchange and commissary shoppers,” said Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Luis Reyes, the Exchange’s senior enlisted adviser. “The card’s exclusive benefits, promotions and special discounts like this really help service members and their families get the biggest bang for their buck.”

Last year, MILITARY STAR customers saved big with exclusive, money-saving benefits:

  • $309 million* saved with one of the lowest APRs of any store credit card;
  • $33 million** saved with no annual, late or over-limit fees; and
  • $17 million saved through 0-interest promotional offers.

MILITARY STAR cardholders earn rewards points on purchases as well. For every dollar spent, shoppers earn two points, and receive a $20 rewards card every 2,000 points. Last year, cardholders earned $27 million in rewards cards.

The MILITARY STAR card is administered by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service and is accepted at all military exchanges and commissaries. For more information, visit

*The MILITARY STAR credit card offers the lowest interest rate (11.74 percent) of any retail credit card (source, All cardholders enjoy the same low interest rate regardless of credit score.

**Unlike most credit cards, the MILITARY STAR credit program does not charge annual, late or over-limit fees.

The MILITARY STAR credit card program offers affordable and responsible credit solutions to the military community. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service operates the MILITARY STAR program on behalf of the military resale community.

About the Exchange
Since 1895, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (Exchange) has gone where Soldiers, Airmen and their families go to improve the quality of their lives by providing valued goods and services at exclusive military pricing. The Exchange is the 56th-largest retailer in the United States. Its earnings provided $2.4 billion in dividends to support military morale, welfare and recreation programs over the last 10 years.

The Exchange is a non-appropriated fund entity of the Department of Defense and is directed by a Board of Directors. To find out more about the Exchange history and mission or to view recent press releases please visit or follow on Twitter at

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  1. Nunya says:

    Military Star CARd is a joke. DO NOT GET THIS CARD….. GET ANY CARD BUT THIS ONE!!!!!!!! This is the biggest rip off you will ever sign up for. The interest rate is horrible and only goes up constantly. Somehow I went from only purchasing 3500 in actual buys but now with interest am paying 4,454.78. I haven’t purchased anything in. Months and the interest is constantly doubling itself. Don’t get me started on how my payments went from $ 60 per month to $109 and now $249 a month. Don’t get me started on the magnitude of hoops you have to walk through to cancel the card and even after cancelling somehow my balance goes up instead of down no matter how much I pay monthly. Biggest mistake of my life. I absolutely regret getting this card. Plus AFFES actually charge way over what you can get for prices online or elsewhere. Even the commissary is questionable. There are some deals sometime but mostly it’s a huge sham. Also it is a “Federal CARd”. So you have ZERO protection against garnishment…. if you are a veteran on disability you will be garnished if you don’t pay on time. This is the worst misappropriation of money out of America’s military who already don’t get paid enough. It’s disgusting. My acct is closed and I can’t wait to pay this bullshit off.

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