Veterans Affairs discloses nursing home ratings

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Department of Veterans Affairs
News Release

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has extended its unprecedented 18-month record of transparency disclosures by making public for the first time its annual nursing home ratings for every facility in the country.

View the ratings here:

Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System

Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System

The data show that, overall, VA’s nursing home system – composed of more than 130 Community Living Centers (CLCs) – compares closely with private sector nursing homes, even though the department on average cares for sicker patients in its nursing homes than do private facilities.

In fact, the overall star rating for VA’s nursing homes compared to the 15,487 private sector nursing homes rated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) shows that VA has a significantly lower percentage (34.1 percent lower) of one-star, or lowest rated, facilities than the rest of the nation.

The overall star rating for a nursing home/CLC includes assessments of 3 key areas: health inspections/surveys, staffing, and quality measures. VA Pacific Islands Health Care System (VAPIHCS) received 5 stars for staffing, 2 for quality, and 1 for health inspections/survey, resulting in an overall rating of 2 stars. A recent Long Term Care Institute (LTCI) finding related to water temperature regulation was the primary factor in the 1 star health inspections/ survey rating.

“The water temperature issue was addressed immediately, and no patients were adversely impacted,” said Jennifer Gutowski, Director VAPIHCS. “We are committed to continuous improvement and will work to improve overall quality of care and quality of life for our Veteran residents. Our staff at our Community Living Center work tirelessly around the clock, caring for our Veterans.  I can’t thank them enough for the loving care they provide.”

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