Patrons can join TRICARE, Real Warriors Campaign webinar on PTSD, June 29th

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June is PTSD Awareness Month. Join TRICARE on Friday, June 29, from 7 to 8 a.m., Hawaii time (1 to 2 p.m. EST) for the “PTSD Care and Support: Real Warriors Campaign Resources” webinar. This webinar will discuss post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) signs, symptoms, and treatment options, as well as how to overcome barriers to seeking care.

In addition to data highlighting challenges and successes, a Health of the Force report includes brief narratives describing the latest advancements in identifying and addressing health concerns. (Photo by Army Public Health Center)

PTSD can develop after experiencing, witnessing, or learning the details of a traumatic event. Although traumatic experiences are common in the military, it’s important to know that not everybody who goes through trauma develops PTSD.

When you experience trauma, you may experience anger, sadness, trouble sleeping, nightmares, intrusive memories, and flashbacks. If these concerns go on for longer than a month, they may be signs of PTSD. PTSD symptoms usually occur within three months of the traumatic event. They may also begin years later. Additionally, signs and symptoms may not be the same for everyone.

Register to join us on June 29 to learn more about PTSD and Real Warriors Campaign resources for PTSD care and support. A Q&A led by the presenter will follow the presentation.

If you’re looking for TRICARE information on mental health, visit Mental Health Care on the TRICARE website.

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