U.S. Army Pacific CG encourages hurricane preparedness

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Robert B. Brown
General, U.S. Army

U.S. Army Pacific Team, the lndo Pacific hurricane and cyclone season is here, and forecasters are predicting an active season.

Storms jeopardize Soldiers, civilians, families, and our missions. Regardless of forecasted predictions, it only takes one tropical storm or hurricane to cause disaster.

Sheltering in Place

Sheltering in Place

Hurricane force winds, torrential rains and the accompanying storm surge can cripple
infrastructure, emergency response capability, and leave residents without supplies or power for weeks after an event. Do not wait for an approaching storm to prepare; plan ahead!

Preparation significantly increases safety and resiliency in the face of a storm. Knowing what to do when the storm hits and anticipating the loss of electricity, water, fuel and food supply, can keep you safe and sustained.

• Know local hurricane information sources, evacuation routes, and shelter locations.
• Develop contingency communication plans with your Soldiers, civilians and family members.
• Consider maintaining a disaster supply kit, including a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies and copies of your critical information, if you need to evacuate.

Sheltering in Place 2

Sheltering in Place 2

• Consider maintaining at least a 14-day supply of food, water and necessary medications.
• Emphasize importance of enrolling in Advanced Technology Helping Organizations Communicate (AtHOC) and familiarize yourself with the local emergency notification systems.

Hurricane preparedness information is readily available via the Internet or through our command channels. I charge every member of the USARPAC team to take measures to protect Soldiers, civilians and families against hurricanes and natural disasters.

Our strength is our ability to work together as One Team. Your efforts are key in maintaining our preparedness and response to hurricanes and natural disasters.

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