Honolulu ranked second in list of safest U.S. metro cities

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City and County of Honolulu
News Release

HONOLULU — In a recent report published by safewise.com, Honolulu ranked second on a list of the safest American cities. The report highlighted a drop in both violent and property crimes in 2017, along with an ability to respond quickly when safety lapses are discovered.

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Children high-five McGruff the Crime Dog at the 2017 Child Abuse Prevention Month Parade on March 29 at the Schofield Barracks Child Development Center. (U.S. Army photo by Karen A. Iwamoto, Oahu Publications)

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Children high-five McGruff the Crime Dog at an event in 2017 at the Schofield Barracks Child Development Center. McGruff the Crime Dog helps promote safety and crime prevention. (U.S. Army photo by Karen A. Iwamoto, Oahu Publications)

“Like any large city, Honolulu experiences some high-profile crimes perpetrated against our residents and visitors, but the new report by safewise.com shows that our commitment to robust community policing is working to make our island home one of the safest in the nation,” said Mayor Caldwell. “In fact, Hawai‘i as a whole made headlines in 2016 when FBI statistics showed we had the lowest crime rate since records began in 1975 – a 42-year low.”

The safewise.com report specifically referenced passage of the Honolulu fire sprinkler bill for residential high rises over 75 feet tall as one of the reasons for the strong ranking. The new requirements, which were signed into law on May 3 by Mayor Caldwell, incentivizes the installation of fire sprinklers in condominiums and other high-rise buildings, and ensures that the fire code is followed if sprinklers are not installed.

“Bill 69 is a tremendous step toward preventing future fire related tragedies,” said Fire Chief Manuel Neves. “The Honolulu Fire Department will continue to lobby for improvements in areas that impact fire and life safety in our community.”

The safewise.com report ranked the safest and most dangerous metro cities in America based on the incidence of violent crime per 1,000 residents. Violent crime rates were determined by the per capita rate of crime according to the most recent FBI crime statistics from 2016. In order to be considered, cities had to supply complete reports to the FBI and have a population threshold greater than 300,000.

“The Honolulu Police Department is always looking for new strategies and methods to protect our residents and visitors,” said Police Chief Susan Ballard. “We thank the community and our law enforcement partners for helping us to make Honolulu safer for all.”

The report can be found here: https://www.safewise.com/blog/safest-metro-cities/

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