Team Hawaii leaves for 2018 National Veterans Golden Age Games

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Veteran Affairs Pacific Island Health Care System
News Release

HONOLULU, HAWAII — Veteran Affairs Pacific Island Health Care System (VAPIHCS) bids aloha to Veteran athletes who will compete at the 2018 National Veterans Golden Age Games.

Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System

Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System

The National Veterans Golden Age Games (NVGAG), which will be held August 3-8 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a multi-sport competition designed specifically for senior Veterans with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. It was founded in 1985 to showcase the rehabilitative value that sports, wellness, and fitness provide in the lives of Veterans.

This progressive sports program has seventeen competitive events divided into categories based upon age, walking ability, and visual impairment. The events range from the very common, like basketball, golf, and swimming, to sports rarely seen in similar large programs, such as pickleball, boccia, and power walk. NVGAG is open to Veterans ages 55 years or older who are
enrolled in VA health care.

“Every year, Team Hawaii brings something special to the games: Aloha. In addition to the hula halau group that performs for the nation, our Veterans take their support and devotion to each other,” said Jennifer Gutowski, director VAPIHCS, “the mission statement declares that we believe not only to building the athlete’s mind, body, and spirit, but also to maintain the
Ohana concept within our team.”

And every year, Team Hawaii brings the results of our Veteran’s hard work home. On average, we send twelve to fifteen athletes to the games to earn more gold, Silver, and Bronze medals than any other state percentage wise. Team Hawaii regularly returns home with 30 or more medals than any other VA.

We wish our Golden Age Games participants the best of luck and much aloha!

Golden Age Team Hawaii
*       Ed Chang
*       Crissy Gayagas
*       Ed Gayagas
*       Martin Gutowski
*       Karl Hall
*       Ed Kertis
*       Irene Kiyabu
*       Teresa Micheletti
*       Glen Park
*       Margaret Rains
*       Bert Sandoval
*       Bill Seibentritt
*       Bill Sugihara
*       Steve Suzui
*       Linda Watson
*       Craig Wilson

Support Team
*       Craig Wilson, Team President
*       Bill Seibentritt, Vice-President
*       C. Durant-Hall, Secretary
*       Schoen Safotu, Coach
*       Hallry Ho, Health Coach

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