City and County of Honolulu will activate siren at 4 p.m.

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City and County of Honolulu
News Release

HONOLULU – The City and County of Honolulu will activate the island-wide Outdoor Siren Warning System at 4 p.m. today, Thursday, August 23, as Hurricane Lane approaches the state. This is meant to alert the public to the potential of severe flooding from Hurricane Lane, and the possibility of damaging winds, and will coincide with an Emergency Alert System (EAS) message (text of EAS message attached).

City and County of Honolulu

City and County of Honolulu

The Attention Alert steady tone will sound for three minutes on O‘ahu only, as each county controls their own sirens. The Outdoor Siren Warning System on O‘ahu is the primary means of alerting residents who are outdoors about island-wide emergencies or evacuations.

At 4 p.m. when the sirens sound, service on TheBus will be free to all patrons, including transportation to the twenty (20) evacuation shelters throughout O‘ahu. This is being done now so that anyone who wants to get to a shelter can do so safely while there is still daylight. As of noon today, seventeen (17) of the city’s twenty (20) shelters reported a total of 350 people.

If you live next to a waterway or the ocean and witness rising water, don’t hesitate – evacuate and get to higher ground. Call 911 to report flooding conditions, or 768-CITY. In addition, be aware of the potential of landslides and rock falls if you live next to a cliff or ridge or valley.

“We want to be sure everyone on O‘ahu is made fully aware of the threat that Hurricane Lane poses and takes it seriously,” said Mayor Caldwell. “Our Outdoor Siren Warning System is one of the best tools to bring attention to residents and visitors of the impending impacts from Hurricane Lane. Therefore, we will be issuing a siren warning at 4 p.m today.

“We are providing advance notice that sirens will be activated on O‘ahu to inform everyone that we remain under a hurricane warning. This is being done after the latest forecast by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center shows that Hurricane Lane continues to move slowly past the Hawaiian islands. Therefore, we are looking at a significant rain event since the storm is extremely wide and holds a lot of moisture. People need to be aware of dangerous and potentially life-threatening flooding from overflowing streams and coastal flooding from storm surge generated by Hurricane Lane.”

For more information on Hurricane Lane, download the city’s smartphone app,, which can also be viewed as a website:

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