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Leilani Ortiz
Family Advocacy Program 
Army Community Service
Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation
U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii — Babies, toddlers and adolescents certainly don’t come with an owner’s manual, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had tips, tricks and resources to address all the challenges that come along with parenting before they arise?



Army Community Service’s (ACS) Family Advocacy Program (FAP) parenting classes are tools that educate and empower Soldiers and Families to be the very best parent for their children and their Families. Any number of our ACS classes can provide a better grasp on what to expect as a child grows and develops.

When should my child start developing language? When should they walk? Why is my infant so fussy in the evening hours? How do I teach my child right from wrong? All of these are topics that are discussed in various classes that address parenting challenges and how to overcome them.

Parents can also take ACS classes to help build confidence and control when it comes to applying discipline to their children.  ACS FAP offers a variety of parenting classes such as Parenting 101, Scream Free Parenting and 1-2-3 Magic.

Bringing your beautiful baby home from the hospital may seem daunting, but our Newborn Care Class is structured to teach you everything from diapering, feeding, sleeping and caring for your baby. What does a safe sleep environment or home look like for new parents? These are all some of the many topics covered by New Parent Support Program (NPSP) and FAP Education (FAP ED) team.

Our team combines classroom learning and hands on exercises to help you gain confidence in your ability to care for your little one and to understand what is developmentally appropriate for your brand new bundle of joy.

Parenting 101 is a class designed to help parents take their parenting to the next level.  This insightful class is where parents can discover parenting skills and discuss challenges to parenting, review childhood development and realistic/unrealistic expectations and finally highlights “best practices” while learning tips and tools to assist in reaching their parenting goals. It is so much easier to understand you strong willed son or daughter when you know where they are based on stages of development and how you can address both their strengths and weaknesses.

Scream Free Parenting is a four-week program that is designed for parents of children ages 5-15 to look at their current parenting practices and identify ways to strengthen their skills and create healthier family relationships.  It is a practical and effective guide for parents with kids of all ages which introduces proven principles for overcoming the anxieties and stresses of parenting and setting new patterns of connection and cooperation. Good discipline doesn’t have to involve shouting or spanking and all parents can learn the tenants of positive reinforcement and praise that Scream Free Parenting provides.

1-2-3 Magic is another fantastic three-week program that uses humor, insight and proven success by breaking down the task of parenting children ages 2-16 into three straightforward jobs.  It is so much more than counting to 3! FAP Education Staff and Parents learn effective techniques that will help control challenging behavior, encourage positive behaviors and strengthen parent-child relationships. Consistency is key and Parents will learn the 1-2-3 method and leave with practice activities and course materials for their own homes.

No matter where you live, or the rank you wear, parenting can be challenging! Army Community Service wants to be a resource to you and your Families through our parenting classes, play mornings and New Parent Support Program.

If you are interested in any of our Family Advocacy Program Parenting Classes, please visit to register. Our classes are open to all eligible Service Members and their dependents and are offered on a monthly basis at Army Community Service. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Army Community Service at (808) 655-4ACS (4227).

— Newborn Care Class at Schofield Barracks Army Community Service:

Third Wednesday of every month, 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

— Parenting 101 Classes at Schofield Barracks Army Community Service:

Every 2ndand 4thFriday from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.

— Scream Free Parenting Classes at Schofield Barracks Army Community Service:

First 4 consecutive Thursdays of the month from 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. (alternate months from 1-2-3 Magic).

— 1-2-3 Magic Classes at Schofield Barracks Army Community  

First 3 consecutive Thursdays of the month from 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

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  1. Bill Prescott says:

    Subjects on parenting do not mention a very important topic, which is the development of neuron brain cells. I hope this is something that is covered.
    Neurologists tell us that by age 5, fifty percent of neuron brain cells are developed through the stimulation of the five senses (see, hear, touch, taste, and scent) beginning at birth.
    Parents need to know this and the many stimulation ways they can use, e.g. speaking (and reading) to their child to build a hearing vocabulary, then showing them the words they are saying to build a seeing vocabulary, etc.
    The more neuron brain cells the greater advantage a child has when beginning formal education in school.

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