‘Antman’ is spotted at Pohakuloa Training Area

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Michael Connelly
Pohakuloa Training Area

POHAKULOA TRAINING AREA, Hawaii — With a knack for “something does not feel right”and a solid background in invasive species for both plants and animals, Pohakuloa Training Area has an expert within their midst who recently prevented deadly invasive fire ants from invading PTA.

Steve Evans, the director, PTA Natural Resources Office for Invasive Species (plants and animals) and an employee of Colorado State University, was on top of his game last week and took swift action to deny
entry of a delivery truck that displayed signs of fire ants.

Steve Evans

Steve Evans

“Despite the impact (cost and delays) of turning a truck around, the command appreciates Steve’s diligence and efforts with helping to protect PTA’s unique, rare and sensitive natural resources,” said Joy Anamizu, lead Biologist for the Natural Resources Office at PTA.

“These actions by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Mr. Lance Awake) and Colorado State University employee (Evans) are noteworthy, newsworthy, and highlight a good example of environmental stewardship here,” said Lena Schnell, program director of the NRO.

PTA has a team of nearly 30 employees of Colorado State University who manage the endangered species on PTA – a total of 20 plants and six animals. The local employees are the day-to-day managers of natural resources at PTA, which covers 210 square miles, roughly the size of Guam.

“Having expertise on our base like this from the local community is paramount to our success here,” said Lt. Col. JR Borce, commander of PTA. “Steve Evans and the entire NRO department do this kind of  stuff every day and its remarkable!,” he continued.

Editor’s note: For more information, visit the PTA Facebook page by going to https://www.facebook.com/PohakuloaTrainingArea/ or call Mike Donnelly at (808) 969-2411 to schedule a tour of the base camp.

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