City encourages residents to use its free vehicle junking service

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City and County of Honolulu
News Release

HONOLULU — The city’s Department of Customer Services is reminding residents of its offer to accept their unwanted vehicles as junk. The city has been offering the service for free in an effort to help reduce
the number of vehicles abandoned on city streets thatsoon become heavily vandalized eyesores.

FMWR plans to begin holding vehicle auctions online and at its long-term storage lot (shown above) on Schofield Barracks at a date to be determined after Aug. 9. (Photo by Karen A. Iwamoto, Oahu Publications)

The Army’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Directorate has held vehicle auctions online and at its long-term storage lot (shown above) on Schofield Barracks. (Photo by Karen A. Iwamoto, Oahu Publications)

An estimated 3,089 abandoned and derelict vehicles were removed from city streets in 2018. That figure represents a 57 percent increase from 2017, when the city removed 1,971 abandoned and derelict vehicles left on public property.

“We want people to know that it’s illegal to abandon your unwanted vehicle on public roadways, and if you’re caught, it could lead to a $160 fine,” said Customer Services Deputy Director Randy Leong. “This is unnecessary if the vehicle is voluntarily surrendered underthe city’s free junking program. Using this program also relieves the owner of any registration fees owed on the car.”

The junking program, however, will not relieve previous owners of any financial responsibility such as car loans, criminal charges or citations. Information on junking a vehicle is available online online at

The following is the process to junk a vehicle for free:

  • Print and fill out the vehicle junking form.
  • Remove the vehicle license plates.
  • Bring the form, plates, registration and title to a Satellite City Hall.
  • Follow the directions provided and the vehicle will be picked up and processed for disposal at no cost to the owner.

“We urge residents to use our free junking service,” added Leong. “Every abandoned vehicle creates unnecessary work at tax payer expense. With cooperation from residents, we can more effectively lessen blight in our neighborhoods.”

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