Hawaii military Cost of Living Allowance Living Pattern Survey 2019 now underway

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Cost of Living Allowance Living Pattern Survey 2019

Cost of Living Allowance Living Pattern Survey 2019

David Tom
Quality of Life & Education Analyst
Directorate of Manpower and Personnel
U.S. Indo-Pacific Command J102

CAMP SMITH, Hawaii — U.S. Indo-Pacific Command is calling for all active duty military service members (SM) stationed in Hawaii for at least three months to complete Military Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) Living Pattern Survey (LPS) at http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/colaSurvey.cfm?ID=hawaii.

COLA is a significant quality of life entitlement as it is literally money in the pocket for our SMs. It is intended to equalize the purchasing power so SMs stationed overseas (e.g., Hawaii) can purchase the same level of goods and services as in the CONUS.

All AD personnel can directly impact the COLA determination process by completing the LPS (identifies where you shop off-base for non-housing goods/services as well as percentages bought off-base) between now and March 1, 2019—the earlier the better!

The LPS is done every three years, and the INDOPACOM J1 team will collect the prices at the LPS-identified businesses in March 2019 (as well as March 2020 and 2021) to help the Defense Travel Management Office calculate the most appropriate COLA for Hawaii SMs. The next opportunity to complete the LPS will be in February 2022.

SMs can also complete the LPS at home if they need to consult with the primary shopper in their family (no CAC card required). Everyone’s input is important to ensure the 2019 (and 2020- 2021) COLA determination process will accurately offset the higher cost of living in Hawaii. USINDOPACOM’s goal is at least 50% LPS participation–the more the better.

Don’t wait … complete the LPS today!

• Tips for Completing the Military Cost of Living Allowance Living Pattern Survey 2019

Following tips are provided to help service members complete the COLA Living Pattern Survey (LPS) at https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/colaSurvey.cfm?ID=hawaii:

1. Click on the applicable island where you are assigned (e.g., Oahu for most service members in Hawaii)

2. Complete the “General Information” page to include the unit your unit of assignment.

a. If you are assigned to a joint organization (e.g., USINDOPACOM), select your organization/directorate listed

b. If you are assigned to one of your service’s units, the units are listed under your branch of service (if it is not listed, select the “Other” option under your service–e.g., “Army Other”

3. When you come to the Part 2 Goods and Services page, only check the boxes of the items that you purchase, and you must ensure the percentage of shopping totals 100%

a. If there are items that you do not purchase (e.g., cigarettes, alcohol), do not check the box and this allows you to bypass this item on the survey

Thank you very much for completing this LPS as your inputs will help the Defense Travel Management Office determine the most appropriate COLA for all service members in Hawaii.

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