Tops News Stories 2020

2020 has been an eventful year full of shocking new stories, which have taken the world by surprise. To learn about some of 2020’s top news headlines, simply continue reading.

Tops News Stories 2020:

The Black Lives Matter movement rises following the death of George Floyd:

After an African American man, George Floyd lost his life after he was arrested for allegedly trying to use a counterfeit bill, millions of individuals around the world attended protests organized by the Black Lives Matter group, to protest against systematic racism and police brutality. Floyd was killed on the 25th of May, after a police officer kneeled on his neck for a prolonged period of time, which cut off Floyd’s oxygen supply. In the United States between 15-25 million individuals attended local Black Lives Matter protests. While similar protests were well attended world wide.

As a result of the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds have used their social media platforms to promote the Black lives Matter moment.

The Coronavirus pandemic forces most of the world into self isolation:

By March, 2020 the Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 had spread throughout the world and community transmission was commonplace, throughout most parts of the world. As a result, many countries made the difficult decision to order their citizens to isolate in their homes, in the hope of slowing down the rate of Covid-19 infection. So that hospitals would be able to cope with the influx of Covid-19 infected patients. Many of whom would require respirators.

As a result of global lockdowns, economies around the world have struggled and many businesses have gone bankrupt as a direct result of the loss of sales caused by Covid-19 lockdowns.

In order to try and eliminate Covid-19, governments and pharmaceutical companies around the world are racing to develop an effective Covid-19 vaccination. Until such a vaccination is produced, it’s highly likely that some industries such as the tourism industry will decline as a result of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Biden becomes the democrat’s top presidential candidate:

After defeating his biggest rival Bernie Sanders in the primaries, Joe Biden became the democrats presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential election. After his defeat Sanders chose to publicly support Biden as his preferred president. Past president Barrack Obama also spoke publicly in favor of Joe Biden. Who was the vice president of the United States during Obama’s recent presidency.

President Trump’s disapproval rating increases:

As a result of President Trump’s leadership throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and his controversial responses to the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, President Trump’s approval rating has plummeted. In fact by the 1st of July, Trump’s disapproval rating had risen to 59%. Which is the highest that his disapproval rating has been, throughout his presidency.

So if you enjoy recapping major news headlines, hopefully you found all of the news stories which were listed above interesting. Especially as the Coronavirus has forever shaped 2020.


The Top Destinations to Visit

If you’re itching to plan your next vacation and are looking for a bit of destination inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. As listed below are a few of the world’s top rated travel

The Top Travel Destinations to Visit:


Hawaii offers a warm, tropical climate, picture perfect beaches, luxury hotels and world class restaurants. Some of the activities which you can enjoy on a whirlwind Hawaiian vacation include stand up paddle boarding on the Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Lagoon in Waikiki, touring Kuloa Ranch which is frequently used as a TV and film set and enjoying a traditional beach luau. Where you’ll be able to watch professional dancers perform from a wide variety of Pacific nations. You’ll get to watch a traditional Hawaiian hula, fast paced Tahitian dancing, a Maori haka and traditional Samoan fire dancing.

For a night to remember, also make sure to watch the free fireworks display at the Hilton Hawaiian Village end of Waikiki Beach. Which takes place once a week and is free to watch. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, it’s definitely well worth planning to attend Hilton’s fireworks display.


While you’ll have to endure a lengthy plane flight, in order to explore Fiji, you’ll be amazed by how pristine Fiji’s white sand beaches are. Another reason why Fiji is one of the top travel destinations in the world, is that it’s known for its friendly locals. Who’ll greet you with “Bula”, a traditional Fijian greeting. If you can tear yourself away from your beach resort, it’s well worth booking a village tour and volunteering as an English teacher at a local primary school for an hour or two.


If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious trip on a budget, it’s well worth planning a dream vacation to Thailand. As five star ocean front hotels in Thailand are typically the same price as a three star hotel in Europe or the United States. You’ll also find that food, shopping, attractions and activities, are also competitively priced in Thailand. You’ll even be able to treat yourself to a pampering session at your hotel’s spa, for a reasonable price.

If you enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling, you’ll also enjoy taking a boat trip to a natural reef or a shipwreck, so that you’ll be able to swing amongst schools of tropical fish.

So what are you waiting for? If one of the beautiful island paradises listed above, interests you, it’s well worth planning your dream island getaway.


The Top Hawaii Sights to See

If you’re ready to say aloha to the island state of Hawaii, you’ve come to the right place! Simply continue reading to discover some of the must visit spots in Hawaii.

The Top Hawaii Sights to See:

Pearl Harbor:

During a tour of Pearl Harbor you’ll be able to take a free ferry to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, which marks the final resting place of the USS Arizona. Which was sunk by Japanese bombers during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Tragically 1,177 seamen lost their lives on the USS Arizona. If you have an interest in World War II or wish to pay your respects to the deceased sailors who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, ensure to add Pearl Harbor to your itinerary.

Waikiki Beach:

It’s well worth spending spending several days at Waikiki Beach, which happens to be one of the most famous beaches in the world. Whether you’d like to spend your days lounging on a comfortable deck chair with a cocktail in your hand or you’d prefer to engage in water activities such as sailing, swimming and stand up paddle boarding, you’ll fall in love with Waikiki Beach. As postcards don’t do Waikiki Beach’s turquoise water and white sand justice.

Hanauma Bay:

Hanauma Bay is a protected marine reserve which is the perfect location for a day of snorkelling and sunbathing. Although the best place to take a panoramic photo of Hanauma Bay and it’s crescent shaped, white sand beach and turquoise water, is from the hill overlooking Hanauma Bay. Where the information center is located. Just be prepared to walk down to Hanauma Bay or to catch a golf cart to the beach as cars are prohibited from driving down to the beach itself. If you’re a huge fan of Elvis, you may recognize Hanauma Bay from the movie “Girls Girls Girls”.

The Ala Moana Center:

The Ala Moana Center is the United State’s largest open air shopping mall and features local brands as well as designer brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. So if you’re interested in treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy, it’s well worth visiting the Ala Moana Center.

Black Sand Beach:

Black Sand Beach is located on the beautiful island of Maui and is a small yet breathtaking black sand beach which is located within the Waianapanapa State Park. If you take a scenic walk around Black Sand Beach, you’ll also notice that it features a lava tube.

So if you’re excited about planning a Hawaiian vacation, start off by adding all of the sites which are listed above to your trip itinerary. As they are all must see sites, which you should experience for yourself!


4 Reasons to Register For a Shafter Motorcycle Safety Course

If you’re seriously considering signing up for a motorcycle safety course and are interested in learning some of the key benefits of participating in a motorcycle specific safety course, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few reasons to sign up for a Shafter motorcycle safety course.

4 Reasons to register for a Shafter motorcycle safety course:

To decrease your chances of being involved in a serious accident:

The key reason to participate in a motorcycle safety course, is so that you’ll be able to increase your motorcycle skills, in order to avoid being involved in a serious accident. So if you want to avoid getting into a crash, it’s well worth signing up for a motorcycle safety course, as soon as possible. As you’ll learn defensive driving techniques, which will prove invaluable if you’re caught in a potentially dangerous situation on the road.

Remember that while you can’t control the behavior of other motorcycle riders and drivers, you can decrease your chances of being hurt in an accident by becoming a safe, logical motorcycle rider.

To learn from more experienced motorcycle riders:

One of the best ways to quickly improve your skills as a motorcycle enthusiast is to learn from experienced motorcycle riders. Who’ll have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with your class. As part of your training course, you’ll also be able to ask your qualified instructors, any safety questions which you may have.

You’ll be able to correct any mistakes which you might make as a motorcyclist:

Your instructor should be able to pick up on any mistakes which you may make as a motorcyclist. As each year they will train hundreds of motorcyclists, who have varying abilities. So they’ll be well aware of some of the key mistakes which many novice motorcyclists make. Some instructors may even video you, completing different training exercises. So that they’ll be able to show you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong, during each training exercise.

To get to know other motorcycle riders:

If you’d like to befriend like minded motorcycle riders of a similar ability, you’ll also be able to meet friendly motorcycle riders on your next motorcycle safety course. Who you may want to go on rides with, in the future.

Hopefully you’re now well convinced of some of the distinct advantages of choosing to sign up for a Shafter motorcycle safety course. Especially if you’re a novice or intermediate rider!


How to Save Money While Stationed at Schofield Barracks

If you’re stationed at Schofield Barracks or are preparing to be deployed to Schofield Barracks and are interested in discovering a few money saving tips, that will help you save as much of your pay check as possible, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to learn how to save money, while you’re based at Schofield Barracks.

How to save money while stationed at Schofield Barracks:

Visit the Schofield Barracks thrift store:

If you’re looking to purchase high quality, pre-loved goods, it’s a great idea to browse the available stock at Schofield Barracks thrift store. Some examples of items which you’ll be able to purchase at an affordable, low price include furniture, clothing and household goods. If you’re interested, the Schofield Barracks thrift store hours are 5pm to 7pm on Mondays, 9am to 1pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Just keep in mind that the thrift store is closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Visit the Schofield Barracks tasc:

It’s also well worthing seeing what assistance you can get from the Schofield Barracks tasc.

Visit the commissary in order to find amazing bargains:

Whether you’re looking to purchase branded clothing, electronics or household items, your first stop should be the commissary. As you’ll be able to purchase branded products from well known brands such as Nike, Under Armor, Adidas and Oakely at unbelievable prices. In fact, the prices at the Schofield Barracks are significantly less than the prices of items at Outlet Stores.

If you’re looking to purchase items for your family, it’s definitely well worth spending some of your free time browsing all of the available items at the Schofield Barracks. As you can also purchase children’s toys and clothes at the commissary. You’ll even be able to buy military themed merchandise such as clothing for your friends and family members to wear to show their support for the military.

Visit Waikele Premium Outlets:

As Schofield Barracks is located on the island of Oahu, you will be able to take a drive to Waikele Premium Outlets during your free time. As you’ll find designer brand items at Waikele Premium Outlets, which you won’t find in your local commissary. As an example Guess, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Coach and Tommy Hilfiger all have boutiques at Waikele Premium Outlets.

So if you live in Schofield Barracks or are moving to Schofield Barracks it’s well worth following all of the tips listed above, in order to save more of your pay check.


Schofield Barracks: Everything That You Need To Know

Schofield Barracks is one of the largest military barracks in Hawaii. To discover a few fascinating facts about Schofield Barracks, simply continue reading. As examples, you’ll get to read about the history of Schofield Barracks as well as its current use.

Schofield Barracks: Everything that you need to know

It is located in Honolulu County:

Schofield Barracks is a military installation which is located in Honolulu County, on the island of Oahu. One of the most populous islands in the state of Hawaii. Schofield Barracks is located in central Oahu and is located close to Wahiawa.

It was named after a Hawaii based Lieutenant General:

Schofield Barracks was named after Lieutenant General John McAllister Schofield. Schofield was posted to Hawaii in 1872 and was responsible for the creation of Pearl Harbor. Which is still used by the US military, to this day. It was created to defend and protect Pearl Harbor.

It serves as the current headquarters of the United States Army Hawaii:

One of the reasons why Schofield Barracks in one of the largest barracks in Hawaii, is that it serves as the current headquarters for the United States Army Hawaii.

It has a population of over 16,370:

By 2010, Schofield Barracks boasted a population of 16,370. As of 2010, over 2,900 military families resided in Schofield Barracks.

It is home to the Tropic Lightning Division:

Schofield Barracks has been home of the 25th Infantry Division, which is more commonly known as the Tropic Lightning Division, since 1941. Schofield Barracks If you visit Schofield Barracks you’ll be able to visit the 25th Infantry Division Memorial, which features four statues. Which represent the divisions’ lost soldiers who served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Schofield Barracks has been featured in numerous films and TV series:

Some examples of films which have featured Schofield Barracks as a setting include Tora! Tora! Tora! and From Here To Eternity. It was also used as the setting for the TV show Tour of Duty.

It boasts an air assault school and a land navigation course:

Schofield Barracks features its own air assault school as well as a land navigation course and is used to train many soldiers who are posted overseas. Particularly to the Middle East and Japan.

If you have an interest in learning about key military locations in the US, hopefully you discovered everything that you need to know about Schofield Barracks.


A Handy Guide To Life in Schofield Barracks

Whether you already live on base at Schofield Barracks or you’re about to be deployed to Schofield Barracks, in Hawaii, simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to living in Schofield Barracks. The largest military base in Hawaii, which happens to be one of the most important military bases in the Pacific region.

A handy guide to life in Schofield Barracks:

Catch a movie at the Sgt Smith Theater:

You may be pleased to learn that Schofield Barracks boasts its very own movie theater, so you won’t have to travel off base in order to catch a blockbuster movie. It’s definitely well worth checking Sgt Smith Theater schedule, when you have a free evening to spend with your family members or friends on base. As a bonus, the ticket prices at Sgt Smith Theater are cheaper than the ticket prices of the movie theaters off base, in Honolulu.

Visit the Schofield Barracks Thrift Store in order to score yourself a bargain:

If you enjoy bargain hunting and seeing how far you can make each dollar go, make sure to visit the Schofield Barracks Thrift Store in order to purchase inexpensive clothing, furniture and home goods. Just be aware that the Schofield Barracks Thrift Store is only open four days a week and has limited opening hours. So it’s best to pre-plan your shopping trip ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment.

Visit as many of Oahu’s stunning beaches as possible:

As Oahu is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and clean turquoise blue water, it’s well worth visiting as many of Oahu’s beaches as possible. If Waikiki Beach is a little crowded and touristy for your taste, you may want to drive to the North Shore. As the North Shore offers plenty of deserted beaches which you’ll be able to enjoy to yourself. Without needing to fight for a stretch of sand to lay your beach towel down.

Make the most of Hawaii’s sunny tropical climate:

While you’re stationed in Hawaii, it’s also a great idea to make the most of Hawaii’s balmy, tropical climate. In your free time you may want to spend your off-duty time hiking, fishing, swimming, surfing and cycling around the island.

So if you’re currently stationed in Hawaii or are about to move to Schofield Barracks, it’s well worth following all the advice listed above to make the most of your time in Hawaii.


A Guide to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

To discover some of the key features of Schofield Barracks, which is located in Hawaii, simply continue reading. In order to learn about the barrack’s key features and its role in the US Army. As well as the Pacific Basin as a region.

A guide to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii:

It is located just 17 miles from Honolulu:

Schofield Barracks is located in central Oahu and is located just 17 miles from Honolulu. The most populous city on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

It was built in 1908:

Schofield Barracks was built in 1908 in order to provide a base for Pearl Harbor’s mobile defense. Today Schofield Barracks acts as the key point of defense for the entire island of Oahu.

It’s the largest military barracks in Hawaii:

Schofield Barracks is spread out over approximately 17,725 acres and is by far, the largest military installation in Hawaii. Due to it’s size over 2,000 military couples and families call Schofield Barracks home.

It’s home to the 25th Infantry Division:

Schofield Barracks is the home base of Hawaii’s 25th Infantry Division. Which was founded in Hawaii and is a huge part of the history of Schofield Barracks.

Most major announcements are made from the Schofield Barracks Post Conference Room:

Most major military announcements which effect the state of Hawaii, such as the military’s COVID-19 pandemic responses are recorded or streamed from the Schofield Barracks Post Conference Room. Which is located at 582 Trimble Road, Wahiawa, Oahu. So if you’re ever invited to join a press conference at Schofield Barracks, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up in the post conference room.

It is the headquarters of the United States Army Pacific Command:

Schofield Barracks acts as the official headquarters of the United States Army Pacific Command and also holds the title of being the MACOM of the U.S military forces in the Pacific Basin.

Schofield Barracks is one of the most highly sought after postings in the US Army:

Due to Hawaii’s natural beauty and idyllic topical weather, Schofield Barracks is currently one of the most highly sought after postings in the US Army. With most individuals who are posted to Oahu, choosing to extend their initial contracts in order to make a permanent home in Hawaii.

So if you were interested in learning about the role of Schofield Barracks in the US Army and the Pacific Basin as a region, hopefully you discovered a few interesting facts abut Schofield Barracks.


A Guide to PSD Missions and Teams

If you’re curious about what psd soldiers do for a living, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a simple guide to psd missions and the critical tasks which psd soldiers perform on a daily basis. As the army wouldn’t be as successful as it is without psd teams.

A guide to psd missions:

The role of a psd soldier:

The acronym psd stands for personal security detachment and refers to special military teams who are tasked with ensuring that the safety of the teams which they are assigned to protect.

A common example of a psd mission:

As an example, the psd mission of the personal security detachment team of the 4th Brigade Combat Team and the 4th Infantry Division, which were both deployed to Baghdad, was to provide safe and timely transportation for both teams. A critical job as at the time Baghdad was a particularly dangerous location for combat teams and infantry teams to travel throughout. Especially as military vehicles were often targeted by territories, who would try and blow up US Army vehicles using home made explosives.

What is required of typical psd soldiers?

Some common tasks which psd soldiers perform for the teams which they protect include ensuring that soldiers get to specific locations at designated times and ensuring that it’s safe for soldiers to get out of their vehicles. As psd soldiers are responsible for other individuals safety and security, they are required to be in a state of alertness and readiness at all times. As in a city like Baghdad, situations can turn dire in the blink of an instant and a potential threat may appear out of nowhere.

Psd soldiers jobs are also incredibly important as they are often tasked with guarding high ranking military officials. Who are likely to be targeted by terrorists. Who wish to make their threats heard. As often terrorist groups target high ranking military officials, to get attention or to try and blackmail the United States.

What types of soldiers can be found in psd teams?

Psd teams are typically comprised of a variety of military personnel. As examples, infantrymen and women, cavalry scouts, tankers and military police are often present in a typical psd team.

So if you weren’t fully aware of some of the key tasks which are handled by psd task forces, hopefully you now have a better understanding of their critical role in the US Army.


A Guide To OCIE Army Items

If you’re unsure of what items can be referred to as ocie items, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to understanding what ocie items are in the context of the US Army.

A guide to ocie army items :

What does the term ocie refer to in the army?

In the US Army the term ocie refers to organizational clothing and individual equipment and refers to the supplies which each soldier is issued. Some common examples of ocie items include field gear such as your ruck sack as well as your clothing items. Such as your uniform. Even a towel which is issued to a soldier, can be referred to as an ocie item.

Do soldiers have to pay for their own ocie items:

No, ocie items are issued to each individual and are paid for by the US Army. However, if soldiers fail to take care of their ocie clothing items, they may be forced to replace any items which they have neglected themselves.

Are weapons referred to as ocie items:

Generally speaking yes, weapons such as rifles which are issued to soldiers are classified as ocie items. As usually each weapon is assigned to a specific solider. Which makes weapons such as guns pieces of individual equipment. Which fit the ocie description of organizational clothing and individual equipment.

What are some key examples of common pieces of ocie clothing items:

In the US Army ocie clothing items often include drawers, undershirts, chemical protective clothing, coveralls, boots and uniforms. The exact list of ocie clothing items varies, depending on the position and rank of each soldier in the US army. As an example, a delayed soldier’s ocie list may include camouflage fatigues. For more information on specific ocie clothing items ensure to look up a specific role in the US Army.

After reading the informational guide above, you should now have a clear understanding of what the term ocie refers to in the United States Army.

It is the responsibility of every solider to take care of their ocie items:

From the time that cadets join the US Army they are taught to take pride in their appearance and to take exemplary care of their ocie items. For example, military personnel are expected to shine their boots so that they are presentable and to ensure that their uniforms are perfectly ironed. As failure to do so may result in punishments.