Editorial Policy

Interested in submitting an article or photo to the Hawaii Army Weekly? We welcome submissions of any kind that our audience would be interested in reading, but please make yourself familiar with the following editorial policy first.

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Hawaii Army Weekly Editorial Policy

The Hawaii Army Weekly (HAW) is an authorized publication of the Department of Defense supporting the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii (USAG-HI), command information program. A commercial publisher under contract with the Army publishes the HAW. The Public Affairs Office (PAO) at Wheeler Army Airfield furnishes news and editorial content.

General Publication Guidelines

The HAW is one of the commander’s communications tools to transmit command information to the Army Hawaii community; therefore, most articles fulfill this objective. Community features are used to lend variety and encourage military families to enjoy the communities outside their installation. The following guidelines apply:

  1. Decision Making. The commander defers all decisions on news priority, story placement, publication date, and use of photographs to the director, public affairs. The director delegates responsibilities to the chief, internal communication, and editor of the HAW.
  2. Content.  News and feature articles placed in the HAW comply with established policies to promote the mission, vision and goals of U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii and the commands, directorates, and activities USAG-HI supports.
  3. Topics. The best article submissions from sources outside PAO cover success stories, newsworthy events, joint or significant training, human interest, and the like, all from a unique and timely perspective. The HAW avoids publishing outdated stories – those that will be more than two weeks old by the HAW publication date each Friday.
  4. Audience. The HAW strives to keep its community — enlisted Soldiers, officers, family members, civilian employees, retirees, Reservists and Guardsmen — accurately informed about military matters and quality of life issues affecting them, to improve the quality of their lives and the effectiveness of the installation’s workforce. However, the primary audience for the HAW is the junior Soldier (18-24 years old), so all article submissions must keep this primary audience in mind when submitting stories.
  5. Commercial Sponsors. Per policy, the HAW will not glamorize the use of alcohol and tobacco products, nor gambling. Articles may not endorse products, services or sponsors.
  6. Posts/Feedback. This site is monitored during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. Questions asked during weekends and holidays will not usually be addressed until the next business day. While this is an open forum, it’s also a family friendly one, so please keep your comments family-friendly. Posts that don’t follow our posting guidelines will be removed and you may be banned:
    a. We do not allow swearing.
    b. We do not allow graphic, obscene, explicit, vindictive or racial comments or submissions, nor do we allow comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to defame anyone or any organization.
    c. We do not allow solicitations or advertisements (like another page, visit a website, sign a petition, etc). This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial, private or non-governmental agency. Similarly, we do not allow attempts to defame or defraud any financial, commercial or non-governmental agency.
    d. We do not allow comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity.
    e. You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, username and any information provided.
    f. The appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the U.S. Army or Department of Defense.

Submission Guidelines

Staffing and time constraints prevent the HAW from attending every function or event in person. As well, every function or event is not necessarily newsworthy. Still, the HAW welcomes articles and announcements from unit public affairs representatives and “stringers” (volunteer writers) outside PAO. The following guidelines apply:

  1. Deployed, Stringer, and/or Unsolicited Articles & Announcements. Prior coordination – as far in advance as possible – is required for all articles and announcements placed in the HAW. Timeliness and prior coordination are paramount for publication.
  2. Clearance. Articles submitted for publication should be cleared through the individual’s proper chain of command, if necessary. Articles are not provided to units, individuals and activities for review by subjects named in articles, unless security or technical reasons govern.
  3. Columns. No “recurring columns” will be created for units, activities or directorates in the HAW. Instead, organizations are encouraged to simply coordinate and send submissions to the chief, internal communication.
  4. Story Length. Articles must comply with word count parameters, and bottom line, articles are altered or edited to meet HAW style guidelines.
    • Articles must be between 400-600 words, and no more. Call 808-656-3155 to coordinate your submission. Send timely articles to editor@hawaiiarmyweekly.com. Dated articles, if used, are normally placed in the nearest Friday paper after the event or training described.
    • Include rank, full name and unit for bylines and indicate the photographer’s full name & unit if different from author. Also include a phone number in case follow-up is required.
      Story and Photos by Sgt. Joseph Smith, U.S. Army-Pacific Public Affairs
    • Articles and announcements must be submitted within Microsoft Word or text documents, or within the body of an email, in complete sentences. The HAW does not retype or reformat submissions sent as faxes or as bullets in flyers, newsletters or PowerPoint briefing slides, nor from Web sites.
    • Announcements are placed in the “News Briefs,” “Community Calendar,” and “Community Sports” columns of the HAW. They must provide the essential W’s (who, what, when, where, why) within 100 words. Send timely announcements to editor@hawaiiarmyweekly.com. For maximum impact, announcements normally run 2-3 weeks prior to an event; however, all announcements are placed on a space-available basis.
    • A sample announcement is provided below. Note the format for dates and times; do not send announcements with abbreviations and acronyms:
      13 / Tuesday
      Hispanic Heritage Month – Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Oct. 13, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., at the Schofield Barracks Nehelani. Call Master Sgt. Jane Jones, 655-1603, for more details.
  5. Photographs. On-the-job, action photos that “tell the story” of an article are desired with article submissions.
    • Grip-and-grin” photos of ribbon, cake cutting, promotion, re-enlistment, or other ceremonies are not used in the HAW, per Army Regulation 360-1, Chapter 13-4b.
    • Poor quality photographs are not used.
    • Photos depicting alcoholic beverages or cigarettes; displaying secure buildings, aircraft, equipment or personnel; or showing service members, DoD employees or their family members who do not conform to Army regulations are not used.
    • Photos must be submitted as separate photo files in high resolution, digital jpeg format (minimum of 300 dpi or a file size greater than 900K, i.e., minimum size of 5×3 or 3×5) – not embedded in Word or PowerPoint slides.
    • Label photos with slugs, rather than numbers, as a way of easily differentiating between photos. For example, use “sackrace.jpg” vs. “DSC_0345.jpg.”
    • Photograph credits and captions must be provided with all photos submitted with articles. A sample caption is provided. Note that captions are written in present tense, all persons in the picture are identified with rank, first and last name, and all units and titles are spelled out, i.e., do not send captions with abbreviations and acronyms:
      Photo by: Spc. Jesse Smith, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs, 25th Infantry Division
      Caption: Sgt. Hooah Soldier, a CH-47 mechanic with Company B, 209th Aviation Support Battalion, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, guides removal of a rotor blade for routine maintenance at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Monday (Oct. 2, 2008)
  6. Requesting Coverage. The chief, internal communication, or editor assigns stories that warrant in-person coverage by newspaper staff based on PAO and other guidance. Regarding upcoming training, events or story ideas, contact the chief, internal communication, or editor at 808-656-3155, or editor@hawaiiarmyweekly.com

Publication Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to achieve command information goals:

  1. Deadlines. To meet established deadlines editorial content must reach the chief, internal communication, desk before 12 p.m. the Friday priorto the week of desired publication. Outdated items may be rejected. No HAW staff member can guarantee specific publication date of any article. Every effort will be made to print articles in a timely manner.
  2. Editing. Articles must conform to Army Regulation 360-1, the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual, and the HAW style guide for news, sports and feature writing.
  3. Feedback. The HAW staff encourages feedback. Direct comments and suggestions electronically to editor@hawaiiarmyweekly.com, or call 808-656-3155.