A Guide To OCIE Army Items

If you’re unsure of what items can be referred to as ocie items, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to understanding what ocie items are in the context of the US Army.

A guide to ocie army items :

What does the term ocie refer to in the army?

In the US Army the term ocie refers to organizational clothing and individual equipment and refers to the supplies which each soldier is issued. Some common examples of ocie items include field gear such as your ruck sack as well as your clothing items. Such as your uniform. Even a towel which is issued to a soldier, can be referred to as an ocie item.

Do soldiers have to pay for their own ocie items:

No, ocie items are issued to each individual and are paid for by the US Army. However, if soldiers fail to take care of their ocie clothing items, they may be forced to replace any items which they have neglected themselves.

Are weapons referred to as ocie items:

Generally speaking yes, weapons such as rifles which are issued to soldiers are classified as ocie items. As usually each weapon is assigned to a specific solider. Which makes weapons such as guns pieces of individual equipment. Which fit the ocie description of organizational clothing and individual equipment.

What are some key examples of common pieces of ocie clothing items:

In the US Army ocie clothing items often include drawers, undershirts, chemical protective clothing, coveralls, boots and uniforms. The exact list of ocie clothing items varies, depending on the position and rank of each soldier in the US army. As an example, a delayed soldier’s ocie list may include camouflage fatigues. For more information on specific ocie clothing items ensure to look up a specific role in the US Army.

After reading the informational guide above, you should now have a clear understanding of what the term ocie refers to in the United States Army.

It is the responsibility of every solider to take care of their ocie items:

From the time that cadets join the US Army they are taught to take pride in their appearance and to take exemplary care of their ocie items. For example, military personnel are expected to shine their boots so that they are presentable and to ensure that their uniforms are perfectly ironed. As failure to do so may result in punishments.

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