Katherine Hammack Army Profile

If you’re interested in learning a few key facts about Katherine Hammack’s successful career, including the 7 years which she spent working for the army, simply continue reading to discover a detailed profile on Katherine Hammack. In order to discover some of the key highlights of her career so far as well as some of the directions which Hammack’s career could take in the future.

Katherine Hammack Army Profile:


Katherine Hammack graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University. Before going on to earn a M.B.A from the University of Hartford. While studying at Oregon State University Hammack’s specialization was HVAC units.

Career highlights:

One of the highlights of Hammack’s career so far, was being nominated by President Obama to become the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment), in January 2010. Hammack’s nomination was quickly passed by the Senate and she was sworn in as the new Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment), on the 28th of June, 2010. A role which Hammack fulfilled till 2017, when she announced that she wished to resign from her position in order to take up the position of Executive Director with Ernst & Young. One of her previous employers.

During her time with the army, Hammack was primarily responsible for drafting the army’s installation policies and oversaw the co-ordination and management of the army’s sustainability and environmental initiatives. She also oversaw the management of the army’s energy related, construction projects.

Current role:

While Hammack no longer works for the US military, as part of her role with Ernst & Young, Hammack works as the Executive Director of the firm’s Government and Public Sector Advisory sector. As she definitely has a keen interest in public policy and politics. However, whether or not Hammack will run for a political role in the future, remains to be seen. Although, Hammack, is certainly well qualified to campaign for a political seat. As an example, some of Hammack’s fans believe that she may run for a Senate seat in the future.

Key focus:

Hammack is passionate about renewable energy resources and energy conversation projects. As an example, she is interested in ventilation upgrades, room air distribution, indoor air quality, lighting efficiency and modern sustainable designs.

Hopefully you’ve discovered a few interesting facts about the background and career of Katherine Hammack. Who spent 7 full years working for the US military.

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